Is ACN a Pyramid Scam?

On 23 March 2005 Justice Selway found that ACN participated in, promoted and induced or attempted to induce persons to take part in a pyramid selling scheme in contravention of section 65AAC of the Act, and that Mr Martin Paech, an ACN director, aided and abetted and was knowingly concerned in those contraventions.

The court also found that Mr Keith Janke and Mr Jonathon Gibbs, two ACN Independent Representatives, were knowingly concerned in and aided and abetted the contraventions, and Gibbschade Pty Ltd participated in the pyramid selling scheme, and attempted to induce other persons to participate in the scheme, in contravention of the Act."

Misleading Advertising Law: Is ACN a Pyramid Scam?

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ACN - American Communications Income Overview


Imagine your life if you could build the house you personally designed, drive the car of your dreams and provide your family with the very best life has to offer.

With the ACN Opportunity you have the power to generate tremendous income opportunity, and ACN’s model couldn’t be any simpler. 

ACN bypasses traditional advertising outlets and working with Independent Representatives passes savings directly onto the customers…while positioning the representative to build a lucrative business of their very own. 


By simply acquiring a customer once, you can get paid on that customer for as long as they continue to use the services…up to 10%.   And by teaching others to do exactly the same thing, you can get paid for their efforts too. 


The higher you go in ACN, the larger your organization grows, and the more money you are positioned to earn. 

American Communications Network Digital Phone

What is Digital Phone Service?

Make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Digital Phone Service provides customers the ability to call anyone, regardless of their type of phone service, through the Internet.  

What Does ACN Offer?

  • Numerous calling features
  • Easy online account access
  • True Mobility with Soft Phones that turn your computer into a telephone 
  • Enhance your Digital Phone Service with an ACN Video Phone. With Video Phone you can connect with others like never before.


    • Telling your children goodnight no matter what city you're sleeping in    
    • The joy in grandparents' eyes when they get to see how big their grandchildren are getting, not just hear their voices over the line
    • Keeping in closer contact with your business associates around the world         

    ACN Digital Phone Service with Video Phone is now available.


American Communication Network Company Information

Founded in 1993 by four entrepreneurs, ACN has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world by providing customers with a better alternative for services they need and use everyday like local and long distance calling, internet, and wireless services – plus leading edge services like digital phone service with video phones. 

Today, ACN’s annual revenues have skyrocketed to over half a billion dollars, with annual double-digit growth year after year.

But what does all this mean to you?   For our customers it means high quality services with more value, and for individuals, just like you, it means an incredible business ownership opportunity with countless personal and financial rewards. 

ACN’s unique business opportunity, combined with the unlimited growth potential of direct selling, has created one of the most exciting opportunities of all time! Are you ready to join the excitement?

Be in business for yourself, but never by yourself ...

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