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WWDB is NOT an accredited Quixtar Line of Sponsorship

Have you heard of Quixtar's Professional Development Accreditation Program?

Britt World Wide and World Wide Dreambuilders are not accredited.

Neither is Larry Winter's LDT or Jody Victor's Markerman.

What about Network 21, TEAM, ILD, INA, Interbiz, Biznet, and Internet Services?

No. Nyet. Nope. Uh-uh. Naw. No way. Not.

Quixtar's PDAP. Coming to a Quixtar website soon.  If I were you, I would call Quixtar and ask them if your team is accredited. Then I would call your upline and ask them why they are not accredited by Quixtar.

Don't you want to be working with a team that is accredited?

Why no Bill Britt in WWDB Functions?

In June of 2004, WWDB leader, Ron Puryear sent out a voicemail message about the retirement of Bill Britt.

Here is portion of the transcript from Quixtar Blog:

The diamonds had a meeting with Bill Britt at "Go Diamond" this past January where he mentioned that he was thinking of retirement. In fact, Bill and Peggy have decided that was the last function they would do for World Wide Dream Builders, and they have decided to retire from this business.

Britt_102502Of course it wasn't mentioned that a week before the WWDB scripted voicemail information had surfaced about Bill Britt alleged affair with another woman and his separation from Peggy Britt, his wife of many years. This lead some to speculate that Britt wasn't really retiring from WWDB, but was forced out instead.

Crown_brittBritt supporters are quick to point out that Bill and Peggy are now seen together on stage at major functions which would make it pretty clear that Britt is now back out of retirement.

However, there is still no sign of Britt at any WWDB functions, where he was a mainstay at WWDB FED's for years.

This leads me to a question or two...

Why hasn't Bill Britt been invited back to WWDB functions?

If Britt was simply retired, why was his name removed from Ron Puryear's web site and why have his tapes been removed from the WWDB system?

God's Sense of Humor

I think that God must sit back and belly-laugh every once in a while.

Last night I was at an Oasis meeting in a hotel. When our meeting got over, I went down the hall to use the facilities and noticed a sign on another conference room. The sign read,  "BWW".

Me_kumarBattle Royal? BWW Suits vs. Oasis Hawaiian Shirts?

I heard the name Gala and immediately thought of my buddy, and fellow wrestling fan, Imran. Imran would have gotten a kick out of the irony.

Toward the end of our meeting, the host asked people at various levels to stand up and I estimate that there were about a dozen people in that room making over $4,000 a month and another dozen making $1,000 to $4,000. The room held about 50 people and so I figured that roughly 50% of the room was making over $1,000 a month in Network Marketing.

Contrast those numbers with our BWW pals from across the hall and couple of things stick out to me.

1. In Quixtar more people attend meetings with fewer guests than Oasis.

2. In Oasis, serious people attend meetings and they bring guests. (I estimate about 30% of the people at Oasis meetings are guests)

3. Based on my experience in a Quixtar meeting of 50 IBOs, 2 might be earning $1,000 or more a month, (this is only an educated guess).

4. BWW people are insane when it comes to business dress. It was 85 degrees in Seattle and everyone at the BWW meeting was wearing a black suit and tie. Seattle is a pretty laid back city when it comes to business dress. Business casual is the norm unless you are an attorney or a Quixtar IBO.

MCI Fires Quixtar?

Yes, for all those Quixtar distributors bragging about all the great reputable companies that have signed up to be Quixtar partner stores, here is one for you..........

Dear Independent Business Owner,

The combination of technological and regulatory changes in the telecommunications industry, along with the recent acquisition of MCI by Verizon, has initiated policy changes in the newly merged company. Verizon has decided to terminate partnerships between MCI and other companies. Effective July 1, 2006, this will impact the Quixtar Partner Stores & Services partnership with MCI.

As a subscriber or an IBO with customers who subscribe to MCI, it is important to note the following as a result of this change:

* The termination of MCI as a Quixtar Partner Store & Service will not interrupt current subscribers’ phone service.

* IBOs will continue to earn PV/BV credit for existing MCI service through Quixtar Partner Stores & Services until July 1, 2007.

* The final day to sign up for MCI service through Quixtar and earn a 125 PV/BV sign-up bonus is June 30, 2006.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you and your customers to explore alternative wirelss and broadband services available through Quixtar Partner Stores & Services.


The Partner Stores & Services Team
Quixtar Inc.

MCI Partnership - Terminated

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Quixtar's Founder's Council

What is the Founders Council? Quixtar’s elite Founders Council is comprised of the top seven IBO-ships in North America. Folks… it doesn’t get much more elite than that! The members of this council have stood the test of time; built enormous, thriving businesses; and continue to set the standard for the business today.

In November 2005, the Founders Council gathered in Pinehurst, North Carolina for a four-day brainstorming session with Alticor’s president, Doug DeVos, and Chairman Steve Van Andel. Of course, being in Pinehurst… we can be pretty sure a little golf might have made its way onto the agenda!

The illustrious members of Quixtar’s Founders Council are: Bill and Peggy Britt; Paul and Leslie Miller; Dexter and Birdie Yager; Tim Foley; Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear; Brad and Julie Duncan; and Jim and Nancy Dornan.

With business leaders like this at the helm, every IBO can rest easy knowing that the best of the best are taking care of business!

source: amquix.info

Update: I removed a photo from this post because I am told that it was property of Alticor.

Larry Winters - $3.2 Million in Tax Liens

Larry Winters loves to talk about freedom. Apparently, "freedom" means owing the IRS $3.2 Million in taxes dating from 1997 to 2003.


Well its a good thing Larry Winters has qualified to have his own system now, as it seems he will need the extra money to help keep his taxes up to date.  It appears the IRS nailed him with $3.2 million in assessments for taxes all the way back to 1997.

See the documents below:

1996 NC State tax lien:  $121980*

1997 Federal Tax lien:  $536,518* Filed in May 2005
1998 Federal Tax lien:  $569,069*
1999 Federal Tax lien:  $724,020*

2000 Federal Tax lien: $341,616*  Filed in May 2005

2001 Federal Tax lien: $556,440*  Filed June 2004
2003 Federal Tax line:  $546,307*

Larry Winters recently launched his own Quixtar support system called Leadership Development Team. Winter's allegedly "broke away" from Bill Britt's BWW team in response to Britt's recent scandals.

Larry Winters was featured in the Dateline NBC expose' on Quixtar and later called the show a "satanic attack".

MLM Blog Poll Question No. 5

Results for MLM Blog Poll Question No. 4 (Is Quixtar the same as Amway?) can be found here. If you have a poll question that you would like to see at the MLM Blog, leave it in the comments and I will do my best to get it posted.

Here is this weeks poll...

How fast should you turn a profit in MLM? (Remember the title and responses scroll, just hover your mouse)

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

Quixtar/Amway Science Experiment

ScienceThis is a quick and easy science experiment you can do at home to see if Quixtar is any different than Amway.


1. Glass of water

2. An unused Starbucks coffee cup


1. Take a drink of the water from the glass.

2. Pour the water from the glass into the Starbucks coffee cup.

3. Take a drink from the Starbucks coffee cup.

Did the water change into something other than water when it was poured into the Starbucks coffee cup?

It's still water, isn't it?

So, if you take the same products, same compensation plan, same people and same training and move the product ordering from the phone to the internet, what do you have?

Answer: The same business.

Leadership Development Team - Larry Winters - Britt No More

What I reported back in December is now official. Larry Winters has "earned the right" to have his own tools system.

Here is a portion of a Communikate voicemail message that went out today:

Leadership Team Development Announcement Audio

Britt World Wide tools are no longer available to Larry Winters Team, including this weeks Britt tool orders, that will not be shipped. In place of Britt tools are tools from Winters' Leadership Team Development or LTD.

"Larry and his guys are forward thinkers" but "this weeks tool orders will not be shipped".

Tools Won't Be Shipped Audio

The Leadership Team Development group currently has 5 CD's. One CD is coming out via standing order this week and the Leadership Team is encouraging everyone to order the other 4 CD's plus some extras this week.

I have some additional audio that relates the the promotion of the new CD's. You will want to tune in on Monday.

Update: The voice on the Communikate message is Emerald, Greg Franics.

The BWW Worst Case Scenario

Kill Fraud reveals the plan revealed to him by a BWW Quixtar IBO:

How does all this work? Let me give you a worst-case scenario example. Suppose you talk to 400 people in a year. But you’re very picky, so select only 2 people as clients or franchisees. In three years, you select 6 people, and take an additional two years to help them reach the platinum level.

The good news is, in 5 years you’re making $100,000 per year for the rest of your life – tax-free! Remember, our business is based on lines of sponsorships, where new members, like you, get helped by all of your upline.

Worst case scenario, you are making $100,000 tax free in five years? Wow.

And here I thought the worst case scenario in Quixtar was divorce and bankruptcy. Go figure.

Larry Winters Team

I just received a third confirmation that Winters is breaking away from Britt World Wide (BWW).

Here is the quote as told by an upline Ruby to his downline:

"Winters Team no longer has any affiliation with Bill Britt or Paul Miller"

Outside of the obvious, this quote is telling because it places the emphasis on the Line of Affiliation or LOA over the Line of Sponsorship or LOS. Quixtar's Line of Affiliation has always been muddy waters, where groups joined together in various systems even though they weren't directly related in actual LOS.

I can say that for whatever reason, Winters seems to be breaking some Diamonds, whereas other teams like TEAM, BWW and WWDB are not.

Quixtar Diamonds vs. Oasis Diamonds

I just received a list of the new (the biotech mlm that I work with) Diamonds that "broke" in December.

My line of sponsorship in (the biotech mlm that I work with) looks like this:

John Terhune - Blue Diamond
Marshall Douglas - New Blue Diamond
Bo Short - New Diamond

John Terhune's business which includes Marshall and Bo, broke 2 new Blue Diamonds (similar to an EDC or Double Diamond in Quixtar) and 3 new Diamonds in December.

I am wondering...how many Diamonds did BWW, WWDB and the TEAM break in December? Anyone?

Winters Breaks From Britt?

WintersTwo seperate and unrelated sources have told me that Larry Winters Quixtar Team has broken away from Bill Britt's BWW. A possible suitor for Winter's is World Wide Dreambuilders - WWBD, as several high ranking WWDB Diamonds have recently spoke at Winters conventions.

For those of you that may not understand the terminology, in english, Larry Winters is possibly taking his lucrative books, cd's, and meetings money out of the hands of Bill Britt and either striking out with his own system or joining with another system such as WWDB.

Larry Winters was featured in the Dateline NBC expose' on Quixtar and later called the show a "satatic attack".

A BWW - Quixtar IBO Comments

I really love it when Quixtar - BWW IBO's comment on my blog. Enjoy this gem:

hey broke people out there talkin about how bad quixtar first off Quixtar is not MLM and its prove its not cuz MLM is a fancy word of sayin pyramid and thats illegal u guys don't know nothing how the money is made. heres a fact the BWW system has made more Millionaries and is second in making millionaries and first is microsoft and this is in the world and business bureau hadn't mentioned any negative information about Quixtar and the BWW system. Stop critiscizing this business and critize urself for making this site, if u want to stay broke 9-5 until 65 dats ur path. Cuz theres one thing i know that u don't know. You wanna know why. PIGS don't know PIGS stink.

Quixtar Diamonds Join (the biotech mlm that I work with)

It was reported that a number of Quixtar diamonds are defecting to (the biotech mlm that I work with). I will keep you posted, but the list appears to be growing.

BWW and the Gala Group

Gala If you have information on the Gala split from BWW, I would like to hear from you.

email: mlmblog (at) mlmblog.net


The 9 Steps of CORE in WWDB and BWW

From the MLM Blog Archives:

Billbritt When I was first involved with Amway, we had a communication voicemail system called "Amvox". Amvox was a product provided by Amway and was not part of the 8 CORE steps that were required in order to succeed in Amway, according to the Britt and World Wide Group System. Amvox was not vital but was suggested.

Then one day, BWW and WWDB decided it was a good idea to come out with "their own" voicemail system called Communikate. Communikate was a definite upgrade from Amvox, but for the most part is still served the same purpose. Typically the upline used the voicemail system to send out a message telling everyone how important the next meeting is and how important the major function is and how great the standing order tape is.

Once Communikate was rolled out, voicemail became the 9th CORE step!

I was told specifically by a founders triple diamond in WWDB that the diamonds "make a lot of money on Communikate".

All of a sudden when the voicemail system is lining the pockets of the diamonds, it becomes vital to your success. Interesting.

The Quixtar Rules vs The System

From the MLM Blog Archives:

Did you know that WWDB aka World Wide Dreambuilders aka World Wide Group LLC. violate Quixtar rules every time they talk about "the system" to anyone that is not personally sponsored?

Did you know that when a A Quixtar team Platinum talks to one of his downline (not personally sponsored), about CD's, that he is violating a Quixtar rule?

Ever have a Britt World Wide - BWW leader talk to you about the importance of Communikate? You guessed it. RULE VIOLATION, unless he is your immediate upline.

Here are the rules:

4.14. Other Selling Activities: No IBO who personally sells products other than the Corporation's products, who personally sells literature or sales aids not produced by the Corporation, or who sells services (e.g., tax services, insurance, investments, etc.) will induce another IBO whom he has not personally registered to sell such products, literature, sales aids, or services, or shall he or she offer to sell such products, literature, sales aids, or services to any IBO except those personally registered by him or her. Induce means persuade (to suggest or attempt to persuade) another IBO whether or not this is done to obtain revenues or for any other reason.

IBOs may engage in other selling activities related to non-Corporation-approved or non-Corporation-produced products and services if they personally desire to do so, but they may not take advantage of any activity organized to promote the Corporation's products or the Corporation, or any other IBO's efforts or resources, or of their knowledge of, or association with, other IBOs, especially those not personally registered by them, to promote and expand their other selling activities. To do so constitutes an unwarranted and unreasonable interference in the business of other IBOs. This does not mean, however, that an IBO regularly engaged in the operation of a gasoline station, repair garage, retail establishment, barber or beauty shop, or a professional service (law, medicine, dentistry, or accounting) may not serve clients or customers who are IBOs and have sought them out, but it does mean that such IBOs may not actively solicit the patronage of other IBOs who are not personally registered by them.

4.14.1. This section also applies to privately developed Business Support Materials ("BSM").

BWW - Bill Britt Eagle Program

Here is a summary of the Britt World Wide - BWW, (A Quixtar Motivational System), Eagle Program:

In addition to any qualified Platinum legs:
- 6 legs receiving PV checks monthly
- 4 legs on Standing Order tape and book program
- 3 legs consistently attending functions
- Minimum of 10 IBOs on Standing Order tape and book programs
- 12 personally sponsored IBO legs

- Special Pin and recognition at functions
- Reserved seating at functions

Did you know that every single one of the structure requirements is a money maker for the Diamonds within BWW?

This is not logical. If the upline in BWW really makes money when you make money, (so they say), then why would they have a seperate profit center attached to everything that teaches you how to make money?

Let's run some numbers:

Profit in Standing Order Tape and Book: $40/Month per IBO*

That means that each Britt Eagle is worth $200 a month in tapes and book profit to someone upline.**

The truly sad thing is that most of these "Eagles" will never make money in Quixtar.

*Tapes cost between $.0.20-$1.00 each to produce and the profit in books is given a low estimate of $3.60.

**One book per month and 1.5 tapes per week mutiplied by 5 IBOs using the figures above to estimate upline profit.