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Carol Anderson has been a leading clothing designer for over 28 years, making her first sale to Nordstrom’s in 1977.
Now Carol Anderson sells her product exclusively in a relaxed home environment with independent CAbi Clothing
(Carol Anderson by invitation) consultants serving as party hosts and sales representatives.

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January 31, 2006


Judi Mohr

Do you have an online catalog of CAbi clothing?

Conie Kinnear

I am tryin to finf CAbi online fall 2006 cataloge. Could you please send it to me. I lost the website from the summer collection, and can't find the website. All I am getting is a bunch of garbage websites. Thanks Connie


do you have a web site? I have never seen your clothes.


Here is the fall catalog


I am planning a party and dont have an address to send to my girls....You really need to post one.

alex neuberger

I am looking for oportunities to sell at home parties. Are there any trade shows that might highlight opportunities to find out about different lines that offer this opportunity? I am interested in lines that have a great contemporary feel. I would also be interested in accessories as well.

Maurice Clarke

Too many people to wear someone else's cast off clothes would be distasteful, and many may say "never in a million years". BUT times are a changing, most folk are on a tight budget and really decent, quality clothes cost the earth, so buying clothes second hand makes real economic sense.
Sure there are charity and thrift shops around most street corner but the quantity and quality of goods on offer is often limited and time consuming.


Hi girls!
I am selling my Fall 2006 CAbi Samples right now at 60% off!! I have alot of cute stuff left. Gotta clear it out before the New Spring Line arrives!! Booking February parties right now and always looking for key people to become CAbi Girls!! Check out the clothes at: www.karenhicks.cabionline.com

marsha pitter

do u have a rep in broomfield colorado last name Faulk..would like to possibly purchase
the glam coat ON sale of course...thanks

Carol Woods

I am considering becoming a consultant for The Worth Collection. Are any of you currently representatives for Worth, Carlisle, Doncaster, Etcetera, or Juliana? If so, why did you make the choice to become a consultant for that line?

If you have any other recommendations or suggestions, I would be very grateful.

Carol W.


How do I get in touch with a Cabi salesperson in my area?


Sharon - to find a CAbi rep in your area, go to www.cabionline.com and click on the link to email the home office. They'll have someone call you!


what are the size ranges for the cabi line?

jacqui larkin

I would like to either receive a catalog, or see it on line


For any of you thinking about a "career" selling Cabi clothing: Because it would be impossible for the host/hostess to carry every size of every article, there will be many exchanges and returns. Inform your customers that they will be on their own during the return/exchange process. Inform them that their is NO customer service available after purchase. The customer is sent an email with printable mailing labels and is left on their own to handle the exchange. They are also liable for the shipping charges. There isn't even a way to contact the company through their website. In my opinion, this is NOT a responsible way to run a business.

Nancy Bronska

I have worn my Cabi jacket only twice and the fabric is pilling. How do I retun it?

Jinny Oheim

To Nancy Bronska: CAbi Consultants do supplement the sample line with other sizes; however, it is impossible to have every size in every item of the collection since there are over 100 items in each collection. However, we are professionally trained to size our guests. The parties are a wonderful & fun way for friends to get together and see beautiful clothes. If an exchange/return is required, your CAbi Consultant personally handles this transaction with each CAbi guest. I contact each guest well before the 30-day return policy to remind them that they should try their clothes on; and if they need to exchange or return something, I will handle that for them. Unlike online exchanges, there is no charge for an exchange of the same item for a different size or color. A return has a nominal one-time shipping charge. Additionally, a pre-paid lable (USPS) or letter (FedEx) is provided via email to the guest. My guests have found this method easy to do. Oftentimes, it is a lot closer to drop a bag in a USPS mailbox than traveling to a store in the mall to return or exchange something. Hope this helps; have a great day!


I recently purchased an article from cabi. I left on vacation and was gone 3 plus weeks.
My rep/hostess was also in and out of town.
The article was no sized as the sample so now
they tell me the 30 days are over and will
not exchange. I feel if the samples are not
representative of the real size of the garment
they should exchange the article. No they say
I would reluctantly purchase as their samples
in the past also have not been representative of their real sizing. Quality control should be part of their
company in my opinion

Margie Embry

I would like to receive a 2007 Fall cataloge.
My address is 6486 W. Old Hayneville Rd
Hope Hull, AL 36043


I have been to Cabi parties, enjoyed them and bought items that I have been very pleased with. The only frustration I have experienced is that while the hostess is enthusiastic enough to get you to their party that enthusiasm seems to diminish when it comes to distributing your clothing once they receive it. I have waited and waited... and waited... for items only to find out my hostess has had them for weeks. Just didn't get round to getting them out.
This has really put me off going to parties in the future.

C Saracino

To KLR: Please email me your name, I am happy to send you a fall catalog. My email address is crhutto@hotmail.com, or csaracino@comcast.net. I have your address here on the blog - but your name would be helpful as well. By the way, nice to meet you. My name is Cynthia.


I have been an agent for 5 years, and have been extremely pleased with all aspects of the business. I also offer to do any alterations to my customers (40 yrs. experience). I call my ladies within an hour of the arrival of their order, and offer to deliver. I also pre-shop when I know what my client would like. I handle all returns and reorders. The Fall/Holiday line carries 420 items,with good availability. Sizes 0-16, classic designs, fit 4'11"-6'2", inseams up to 36". Very professional company. Check it out, and you will not be disappointed.


In my 11/4 blog, why did you neglect to show that I had typed" I have been an ETCETERA agent for 5 years"? Very revealing...


How long does it take for Cabi to process a return? I sent it back Oct. 12th and I checked my online credit card statement and it is still not processed. Thanks for any info.


I wish I would have known before I went to the party that she does not like women over size 16. It was quite embarrassing sitting at that party knowing Carol looks down on heavy women - as if her clothing is too good for us. A little discriminatory??? Maybe she needs to put that on her invitations: "I design for smaller women only-larger women need not attend." I surely will let everyone know not to host or attend these parties!!!

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