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Carol Anderson has been a leading clothing designer for over 28 years, making her first sale to Nordstrom’s in 1977.
Now Carol Anderson sells her product exclusively in a relaxed home environment with independent CAbi Clothing
(Carol Anderson by invitation) consultants serving as party hosts and sales representatives.

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April 12, 2006


Sue Long

I am looking for a cabi representive in Palm Desert, Ca. are, to do a fashio show at our tennis club. Need someone to contact me asap.

H McManus

I saw a pair of pencil capris in a local ad made by CAbi, but I can't find how to order them I live in Knoxville, TN. Help?


Is there a representative in the Lubbock, TX area?


I can help you with a rep and show in the Palm
Sprngs area.


I'm looking for a Cabi representative in Colorado Springs. 80919


Hi, I'm looking for a new or used Cabi Brown Faux fur Glam Coat in XL.

Please call or email me if you have one for sale.



I would like to find a consultant in my immediate area. How can I do this? I am looking for a consultant in Napa or Solano County. Help!


I would like to find a consultant in the Santa Barbara area - please call 603 988-7851


Does anyone have a list of Cabi outlets? Anything on the east coast? I know there is one is LA, Washington, and CO. I am looking for around DC, Philly, NY, or SC.

Any help would be great!

Debra Adzema

I have a Cabi sweater from last year. It's style #611 RIN54077 grey in color. I lost the pin. Wear can I find a replacement. Thanks...

teresa hardee

looking for jitney dress in size s


There is a CAbi outlet near Philly in the Philadelphia premium outlets off of 422 in Sanatoga.

patty miske

I am looking for a grecian top in petal size m or L.
I cannot find anyone locally to help.

Carol Scott

i'm looking for a dealer in Bakersfield Ca can somebody point me in the right direction

Connie Buxton

Is there a CAbi representative anywhere in the Laramie, Wyoming area? This could include Ft. Collins, CO, and Denver, CO. I am interested in a white hoodie summer shirt I saw a friend of mine wearing. Please help. Thank you.

Eva Seekers

I would love to find a rep in my area. I live near Selma, Alabama. I could use a list of reps for the whole state. Can anyone help me? I love this line, but can't find anything online except Ebay, and moist of those sellers want almost as much as a new garment, might as well buy new. Thank you to anyone who can help. :)

Ana Martinez

I would like find a representative in St Paul Mn.

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How long does it take for these orders to come in? Getting ready for Spring Break and ordered from Spring line but at this rate I'll be gone before it gets here.

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Is there a CABI rep in Hawaii?

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Chris Urling

I'm trying to reconnect with a Cabi rep, first name Pam, in the Enumclaw, Auburn, Federal Way area in Washington state. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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