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  • This blog is an experiment in online Network Marketing. I signed up for a new Network Marketing company and will journal my experience here on this blog. That in itself is not new territory. What I hope to be new territory is the fact that this blog will be the only tool I use to market this new product and business. Online MLM success story or train wreck? Bookmark and see.
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Jens P. Berget

Very interesting, but you should also consider Amigo juice. It has Acai, Goji and Mangosteen. All in 1 product.

And I believe that this product is better than xango...

(but I promote Amigo juice)

Jens P. Berget

angie cameron

I have been drinking Himalayan Goji Juice for the past year. A Vemma distributor was trying to recruit. We did a product comparsion. I will say tht Vemma is a great product, however once I discussed the validity of the ORAC scale, he was quite surprised. He was a distributor for Vemma, he tried the goji, however still tried to recruite. Basically, then I compared comp plans with him. Needless to say, he switched to Freelife Internationl. Because it does have the one of the best comp plans.I have seen and it is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies. If you visit Barnes & Nobles or Borders. Look for the Freelife business magazine and the Breakthroughs in Health magazine. Also, the media exposure has been anywhere from..The today show to MTV. To the lady that promotes Amigo, anything that has to be reconstitiued, is not even worth consuming. I studied that product as well. Himalayan Goji and Vemma are by far superior! Anyone, whom would like to learn more. you have my e-mail!

Mark Norris

Hi I also am a Goji distributor I don`t understand your comments about reconstituted juice Goji is reconstituted and also contains sodium benzoate 7 potassium sorbate which I just discovered can be toxic for system.I`m thinking of quitting Your comments please Mark


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