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March 20, 2005

The Idea Sandbox

I like this idea. It sounds kind of like Starbucks with white boards and and LCD projectors.

"With three themed rooms, two with the capacity for 30 Ideators and one for groups up to 70, Idea Sandbox will be chock-full of visual, aural, tactile and mental stimulation. Rooms will be outfitted with practical high-touch tools such as white boards, flip charts, Play-Doh and toys... Required-tech tools will include... LCD projectors, DVD/VCR players, Wi-Fi Internet access, and satellite radio. Our kitchen will be stocked with food for thought and creative juices – tasty snacks and crisp drinks to keep the ideas flowing.

Ideators may book single or multiple rooms on a half-day basis (under 4 hours) or for the full day (4 to 8 hours).

The primary way solutions will be generated will be through facilitated brainstorming sessions... Where Ideators are guided through the various stages of ideation - from ‘blue sky’ to the ‘fewer, bigger, better’ list of actionable ideas. Alternately, Ideators may choose free-range sessions and use the inspiring Idea Sandbox space for brainstorming, planning sessions and team building activities.

Hopefully that’s enough to whet your appetite... Let’s see how this experiment goes! I look forward to your feedback!"

The Idea Sandbox will be based in Seattle (yeah!) and you can offer Paul at the Brand Autopsy Blog your comments and feedback here.

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