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Tribbleface4 My name is Ty Tribble and I would like to welcome you to the MLM Blog. I launched this site in 2003 as a journal of my thoughts and opinions on Network Marketing.

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Dan Mitchell has recently joined the MLM Blog as a reporter/blogger.  You will notice that his posts have his name at the bottom of the report. For the record, I am not Dan and he is not me.  His thoughts and opinions may differ from mine.

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After 6 years, the MLM Blog has moved to a new format, hosted server and brand new design.

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The site will still be here but the main site on this page will no longer be updated.  There are lots of other blogs on the address that will remain as is.

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We are updating the MLM Blog design and moving to Wordpress.

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Raven K Starre Leaves MonaVie For Agel

Ravenkstarre Raven Starre was arguably the first star of MonaVie.  She had a large online presence along with her (former) husband Calvenn, collectively known as "The Starre Team". The couple claimed to personally enroll over 200 people in 6 weeks, during the early free sign up days prior to MonaVie's official launch.

Twitter is all a twit about her leaving MonaVie for Agel.

From her Google Profile:

At the age of 18, Raven rose to the top of a billion dollar MLM company and was featured on national television. 

 She has built three multi-million dollar MLM distributorships, in 1995, 1998 and again in 2005. Over her career, Raven has consistently been in the top 1% of MLM, Network Marketing and/or Home Based Business. 

A sought-after speaker and trainer, Raven created the leading-edge Network Marketing training program "Recruiting Magic." This has become one of the most acclaimed audio programs in MLM. 

She has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build successful organizations. 

 Raven is currently one of the highest earning single women in the history of the MLM profession, with over 70,000 distributors in her network.

Fair trade?  Raven Starre for Randy Schroeder?


MLM Blog Music Video Friday: September 11th, 2009

Best Selling Author, Andy Andrews Keynotes EIRO Launch Convention

Andy Andrews will not only be the Keynote Speaker for the Official Launch of EIRO Research, but he will also be offering an in depth success seminar that will add incredible value to the event.


Microsoft Using MLM Style "House Party" To Promote Windows 7

Times Of India:

Windows7 BANGALORE: Amway and Tupperware sellers are familiar with this— call friends to a house party, and then quietly introduce them to the company’s skin care or weight loss products or kitchenware. But Microsoft? In what is perhaps a first for this software giant, the company is asking people to hold parties in their homes to showcase Windows 7, its latest operating system due to be launched on October 22. 

Interested folk can register on this site called, an online party coordinating service. And if you are selected, the big incentive for you is a free Windows 7 Signature Edition. Every host will also have a chance to win a PC worth $750. will help you organise the party, and will supply a special kit, which may include some little things like keychains or t-shirts for guests.

Derek Broes Efusjon Update Conference Call

By Ty Tribble, Founder, MLM Blog

Efusjon I just received a Facebook message directly from Derek Broes letting me know about a conference call he is having to update everyone about Efusjon.  The call will take place on Monday, September 15th at 7PM Pacific and the details of he call will be coming out on Sunday, September 14th. 

Since Derek went silent about Efusjon a few weeks ago, speculation has been rampant about his future and the future of Efusjon.  

The MLM Blog broke the story about all of the lies and hype being spread about Efusjon's Facebook application that tuned out to be a huge flop.  One Efusjon rep. described the application as an asteroids game that would be lucky to keep a 6 year olds attention for about 5 minutes.

A reliable source recently told the MLM Blog that Efusjon had lost 12,000 associates over the last 60 days.

Once I get the information about Derek's call, I will be posting it here.  Stay tuned.

Success University Joins "Feed The Children" To Help Aid Hurricane Katrina Victims

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Feed the Children Success University Here's a good thing from Success University.

From Success University:

Success University is working with "Feed The Children" to help Hurricane Katrina victims, by waiving its $149.95 enrollment fee to simply a $2 donation to Feed The Children. This donation gives new students a 14-day trial of full access to all of Success Universitys learning programs.

"We thought about a number of promotions but decided since we are feeding the minds of thousands of students across the globe, we would also like to help feed children around the world as well as Hurricane Katrina victims," states CEO and President Matt Morris. Success University has already been able to donate thousands of dollars to Feed The Children.

With approximately 5,100 students in over 100 countries around the world Success University, a web-based education company, is currently ranked #1 among the most visited personal development web sites in the world, including Donald Trumps Trump University.

MLM Leads Company MLM Lead Genie Out Of Business

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Mlm lead genie closed I found this over at Enrique Garibay's MLM Leads site.

MLM Lead Genie, MLMLeadGenie, has officially closed their doors and are no longer in business. They no longer sell mlm lead lists.

My name is Enrique Garibay of I’ve generated leads for over 15 years. I couple mlm lead and prospecting training with each leads order. Because without the training, you will not get the level of results you expect. I want you to succeed. And that’s why I provide you access to over $4,000 of real “nuts and bolts” prospecting training with each mlm leads order.

My direct line is 785-539-6904. Call me today for a free consultation. Or click here to contact me via email.

Does anyone have the inside scoop on what happened?

Evolv Misusing MD Anderson to Promote Evolv Neutraceutical Water?

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Wow...a pre-launch Network Marketing MLM using hype and half-truths to promote their company. That's unheard of!

Evolv neutriceutical water From Science Blogs:

The premier US cancer hospital and research center in Houston released a statement today distancing themselves from a Dallas company claiming an endorsement of their water product by The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center:

Recently, you may have heard or read about a company that sells Evolv, a "nutraceutical beverage," which is being promoted in part based upon testing done at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, but also is being mistakenly viewed as endorsed by M. D. Anderson. M. D. Anderson conducted limited chemical analysis of the product to evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity for a fee at the request of the manufacturer. No efficacy or toxicity data were generated at M. D. Anderson nor was the product tested on humans. Moreover, M. D. Anderson does not have any involvement with the company, the product is not produced by M. D. Anderson, and M. D. Anderson does not endorse the product or recommend its use.

The current text on Evolv's website is that:

Evolv's nutraceutical beverage with Archaea Active is tested by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

The statement as listed is not exactly wrong; it's just not complete. Nothing there about what the product was tested for, but the implication is that it gained some healing power by passing through the hallowed halls of M.D. Anderson. I also have no clue as to whether it was tested for archaea (formerly archaebacteria) or if it has the capacity to amplify DNA.

Is Polaris Media Group Illegal In Australia?

Let's hear from the MLM Blog readers...

Polaris Media Group A Scam Or Not?

Polaris_Media_Group LOS ANGELES, CA -- 09/09/09 -- Polaris Media Group, a newly-formed, entrepreneurial education-dedicated company for aspiring entrepreneurs and those desiring a home based business, is pleased to announce the complete sell out of their new releases the "Know For Yourself" DVD and "Join The Evolution" DVD. The first production run was 10,000 units each.

The "Know For Yourself" DVD, which was announced at recent launch events in Australia, United States and Spain, sold out within forty-eight hours. Polaris has rushed into production an additional 40,000 DVDs. This confidence building DVD provides individuals with a guide to thinking for themselves rather than accepting what other people, authorities and the news media are telling them.

"We are extremely pleased with the complete sellout so soon after it was announced," said Shane Krider, CEO, Polaris Media Group. "Our customers and distributors internationally have embraced us and demonstrated their enthusiasm for educational products that resonate in today's difficult economic times. We are very excited about our new company, our new look and our new line of entrepreneurial education publications and DVDs." 

Continue reading "Polaris Media Group A Scam Or Not?" »

Herbalife Conference in Taipei

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

With swine flu at epidimic proportions you'd think Herbalife would cancel or move this Asia Pacific Herbalife conference.

From Chinapost:

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Herbalife, one of the top U.S. health food makers, will hold a three-day regional conference of distributors in Taipei, even though swine flu is assuming epidemic proportions in Taiwan.

More than 10,000 direct-selling distributors from 11 countries in Asia and the Pacific will converge on Taipei for the meeting, which is scheduled to open on September 11.

Another health food maker, China's Pro-Health, is organizing a tour of Taiwan for close to 10,0000 staff workers in seven groups. The first group of visitors is expected to arrive in Taiwan next month.

Chinese visitors will come from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Amoy, Guangzhou and Shenjun near Hong Kong.

Amway Launches Concentrated Fruits and Vegetable Products in India

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Direct selling consumer goods player Amway India Enterprise today launched a range of concentrated fruits and vegetable products, and announced its foray into the deodorant segment by introducing two variants for men and women. Pointing out that nutrition and wellness category contributes over 50 per cent of Amway India turnover, the company Vice-President Yoginder Singh said the' Nutrilite Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables designed for urban health conscious Indian keeping in mind the need for bridging the gap of fruits and vegetables in their hectic lifestyle and diet.

Anti-ageing priority at Nu Skin in Asia

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Nu Skin seems confident of growth in Asia with new "Anti-Ageing" image.

From Trading Markets:

Sep 07, 2009 (Bangkok Post - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX)  Nu Skin Enterprises, the US-based direct-selling business, will redefine itself as anti-ageing company after what it says is the biggest discovery in its 25 years, with new products to meet the needs of the rising population of older people globally.

Dan Chard, the company's president of global sales and operations, said during a Bangkok visit last week that Nu Skin had been defined as a supplement and personal-care products company. But from now on it will be known as an "anti-ageing firm".

Despite the poor economy and rising unemployment, the business of Nu Skin remains healthy with global sales up 4 percent to US$322 million in the second quarter of this year. This is because more people have turned to direct selling to earn additional income.