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What do the Skeptics say about Bioperformance Gas Pills?

How'd you like to offset high gas prices by getting better gas mileage? Twenty or 30 percent better mileage?Well, who wouldn't? But consumer advocates are skeptical about a new pill for your gas tank which claims to boost your mileage. And they're even more skeptical about the way it's sold.

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Anthony Sloan

Hello all I would love to say one thing, BioPerformance fuel additive contains a highly toxic chemical. check out www.BioPerformancePro.com to see the certified lab results.


The concept of fuel additives to increase fuel efficiency is a sign of desperation. It's a bit frustrating that a time when prices at the pumps is skyrocketing our president is more concerned about the fuel efficiency of vehicles rather than lowering gas prices. Maybe W is hoping to lead the consumer to focus more on car fuel efficiency rather than the ever-increasing gas prices. Anyway you look at it you shouldn't have to rely on your retirement and annuity to afford to run your household errands.

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