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MLM Gas Scams Sweeping the Nation

The Better Business Bureau is warning Emerald Coast residents to be wary of gas scams.

With gas prices reaching more than $3 a gallon, a new scam is sweeping the nation advertising “gas saving” products. These scams offer what sounds like practical steps to increase gas mileage. All the consumer has to do is buy a few automotive devices and/or oil and gas additives.

Recently, the Texas attorney general's office filed a suit and obtained a temporary restraining order against a Texas-based company called BioPerformance, Inc. of Irving, Texas. The company – organized as an illegal pyramid scheme – markets a fuel pill it falsely claims will boost gas mileage and save consumers money. The company has failed to provide proof that the product actually saves consumers money and gets them better gas mileage. The company's Web site claimed: "You can save up to 25% or more on fuel with optimal driving conditions."

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Dan Mitchell

I'm pretty sure this company was shut down by AGs in Texas and Florida.

George Shears

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Gas Pill

Bio performance was shut down because of the danger of their products. They were using naptha in their product which can harm your engines.


This shows that the best insurance for selling your "product" is to have a captive audience. EVERYONE is paying through the nose for gas right now, so BioPerformance was able to spark some sustained interest in something that didn't even prove to be effective. Now they are on the hook for it.
Hang 'em high, Texas.

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