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In the group I was in they are promoting that people buy 300PV per month. Either someone is trying to raise their pin level or they are trying to keep their claim to their current pin level valid.

I can't imagine spending $500 a month or more to keep that pin level. Yes you are encouraged to retail, but people saw the prices and were not eager to buy. I didn't blame them!

My ex purchased about 9 Christmas catalogs and got one sale of a set of ornaments to his cousin from them. He didn't understand that the prices were so high. He's not had a family of his own so he doesn't yet understand what a burden those high prices can be to a family. I was a single mom for 14 years, so I could not see justifying the high prices when I knew I could get nice brand name items at the mall for great sale prices and home cleaning, personal care products much cheaper at Target, Dollar Store or Wal-Mart.

Anyway, keep up the good investigative work. Maybe some more people will see it before they give up their minds and their pocketbooks to those crooks.


Interesting how the big boys tell you to stay off these boards, but they obviously montitor them and sick their scary attorneys on you! Shame on them! By the way is their attorney Matt Abraham, a fellow big pin TOD?? If they don't have anything to hide, why chase you??


I've heard of Amway for years and was under the impression that they sold quality products. Now I'm reading bad press. What gives? How is Amway different from Mary Kay and Avon and Tupperware and Home Interiors and that kitchen supplies company? I thought direct marketing and the MLM system was legal. You mean that all these years I've been buying my cosmetics from a person operating an illegal pyramidal business? I was told that I could become an independent Mary Kay Consultant and take advantage of the discount for my own personal use. If I want, I can also build a team under me and get credit for their sales. After reading all this stuff about Amway, I'm afraid to buy anything for fear I'm contributing to the Mafia.

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Adnan Azam

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I have been once been involved with Quixtar and have had similar experiences.

However I have since moved on to a more lucrative mlm biz minus the politics. They are out there. :)


What is the future for Quixstar in The U.S.A, some of my friends are in this scam, how can I sow them with good evedence that Quixstar is a Scam.

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