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Fess it up Ty, You miss Jim Reed very bad :)



Sometimes I do. What I don't miss is the generic blanket statements that come with no backing. MLMSCAM on the QBlog forum is a lot like that. Great at dishing out blanket statements and one liners but ZERO substance.


Well u are not an MLMer any more so you got nothing to lose ;)

Jim Reed lives on whataboutquixtar.com. I think u are a member as well. In case you wanna know his 'address'


"Well u are not an MLMer any more so you got nothing to lose ;)"

Where did you hear that? I am a proud Network Marketer. I no longer personally sponsor anyone in Passport, but I still help build my team.


Oh! My bad. I thought you can't do MLM any more. It was just sponsoring.

Btw there should be qualification criteria for 'critics'. Any one posting an annoying comment in some one else's blog or forum should not be in same category as Scott Larsen etc. You just reverse-jimmed us :)

I had the same problem when I was in Quixtar. I see a lot of poeple giving rediculous statements like Quixtar is for retards, it's a scam etc. without offering a single solid comment.

Some current ones are so bad that they look phonies, send by Alticor. Inc.


What I find interesting is that if you go to the WWDB site you will see that all of the diamonds are still the same ones that were there in the mid 90's. I don't believe that there have been more than a handful of diamonds since they launched Quixtar in 2001, its been two to five years...are these people not showing the plan and sharing the dream. They claim to be the best but it just seems the present diamonds are getting richer selling books tapes and functions. They told me I didn't have to be a salesmen, well that didn't help when I told my clients double x was 65 dollars. Come on its just a little more than 2 dollars a day.


Nice journal and post. I myself am planning on quitting Quixtar as soon as I get the chance to talk to my upline again, which will more then likely be tomorrow. Its not that I'm a loser or stupid, I just don't have the money they demand! I'm 19 years old and in college, there's no way I have the cash for the functions and tools they try to ram down my throat! I'm just glad I realized this now(only a month into the business) instead of later.

In the Middle

Mmm, a kindred spirit.
I definitely appreciate your views.
Being an IBO has been an internal battle from the start. Part of me wished I could either get sucked into the...unique culture of Quixtar without questioning it, the other part desired enough courage to break away and run away. In the end, I find myself where I've always found myself...in the middle.
I'm in the process of leaving the business, and having unbiased information and opinion made available by people such as yourself always helps to keep things balanced.
Thank you!

MLM Blog

Thanks for the comment. I am biased though. I know that I have the ability to build a big Quixtar business, but choose not to based on the struggle to do what's right.

If you believe in the concept of Network Marketing, why put yourself through the hell of building the most difficult and least rewarding company?

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