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You seem so ready to judge and make comments about a business opportunity that you obviously know nothing or very little about.
If maybe you would sit down to a business plan, ask some questions, and learn, you might not be so quick to criticize "the business". Alticor is and has been successful for the past 40 years because of how it operates; meaning that it has given millions of people the opportunity(who want it)to build their own business, believe in their own products and services by using them, and gain financial freedom. There are people related to my grandfather who are in this business and net about $8-$10 million from being an IBO(ie. buying their own products and services,building a client list, and teaching others to do the same. I would rather invest a couple hundred dollars in starting a business and be as successful as I want in a couple of years than to shell out 1.1 million for a McDonalds franchaise. Why don't you give it a try before you run your mouth about things of which you have no knowledge, and then post the truth. By the way, why don't you take a look at who is debt free and the REST of the facts before you make fun of how Quixtar does business.



You're funny. I was heavily involved with Amway/Quixtar for 5 years. I know that only .0076% of active IBO's go diamond and I estimate that roughly 2-5% make a profit. Quixtar being debt-free doesn't make it a logical business for IBO's within it.

So you can start by investing $200 (with $160 of that going to meaningless training materials) and then watch as your upline sucks another $200-300 a month out of your budget for meetings, cd's, books, voicemail and web sites.

jose rodriguez

I could give a crap less about MLM, or anything else, I just want to make money. And I am not going to spend one (pardon the pun) one red cent on any plan, gimmick, or get rich scheme. Please advise....

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