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Ty, Congrats!!!! You are famous dude!!!

Wow, now I'm feeling the need to head down I5 and see you in person. :)

Keep pushing ahead, you are being heard and making a difference. That's important. Making money is good, but money comes and goes...having a positive impact on others is what really matters. You are an inspiration.

Clarence Coggins

Rhonda You are an awesome person. It is truly a pleasure knowing you and learning from you.

Clarence Coggins
1 Minute 30 Day Success System
WVSR 1360.1 AM
Hudson Liberty Broadcast Network


Wow Ty... it has to be nice hearing someone mention your name, in a good way, like that!

Thanks for sharing the video. Rhonda K. provided some juicy info and tips.

Keep doing your thing, bro!

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