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When I think of all the business professionals I know who are in Quixtar - I am embarassed for them. This is disgraceful. And, unfortunately, since the Kingpins demand unwavering loyalty, these poor professionals will have to suck it up and make absolute fools out of themselves for the sake of loyalty. What a godawful mess the Quixtar business has become.


I listened to David Shores at FED in 2003. He stood on stage & spoke of financial integrity and character. He also spoke of how Quixtar had set him financially free. Here is the kicker: His home in Whitefish Montana had been foreclosed because he hadn't made his house payment in 7 months. He just deserted the home. He and the perfect water are a perfect example of the perfect hypocrisy of Quixtar and expecially WWDB.


I couldn't even watch the whole thing.


Sad but unfortunately true. these guys are really making our business look bad. but it does make me appreciate my organization even more")


Granted, this looks a little goofy. And some people are going overboard with claims on what the product does. I was introduced to Amway Global's Perfect Water a little while ago, and was totally skeptical. But, it does have the effects depicted here. Did it with a blind test of regular water / perfect water.

There's always resistance to new concepts, particularly in the health industry. It wasn't long ago that every MD in the country would tell you that the concept of vitamin supplementation was a hoax.

Time and science will tell exactly what the effects are, and how it works. But, in the meantime, until you've tried it, it's understandably easy to look on and say that demonstrations like this are bogus.



WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? Because I want some of it - it will do more for me than "perfect water". The body CANNOT absorb and respond to added oxygen that quick - it is simply physiologically not possible.

But, as Bill Britt would say "the dogs bark but the caravan keeps movin on!!!" (that is when he isn't doing the horizontal hokey pokey with his Florida real estate agent, or talking to the police who get called to her home when she is afraid Good ole Bill is going to B***** slap her).

So the caravan is moving on no matter what MY opinion is. Since I'm not unwaveringly loyal to this tripe I am automatically a loser in the Kingpin lexicon.

But it appears the caravan is now taking the form of a circus carnival. I will be curious to see how well received this freak show is by the many business professionals Amway/Quixtar has recruited. Perhaps this will be the last straw for them.

For their sake, I hope so.


LOL Im sorry but doesn't oxgen get delivered to muscles and other parts of the body by the movement of blood. And this is a little something from a research study that really makes sense.

Due to the physiology of the human body, oxygenated water doesn’t offer much more than that, Knuttgen said.

"If any oxygen introduced to the stomach and intestines were to be taken up by the blood, this blood then travels to the right chambers of the heart, and then to the lungs," he said. "The objective of the flow of blood to the lungs is to pick up oxygen from the alveoli for delivery to all of the tissues of the body, including the exercising muscle. Oxygen already in the blood will reduce the oxygen transferred from the alveoli to the blood in the pulmonary capillaries. Therefore, pre-loading blood in the intestines with oxygen makes no physiological sense. If a bus is already full of passengers, it can’t pick up any more."

In short: The transfer of oxygen for use by the muscles does not occur by means of the digestive tract, but rather as a function of the respiratory and circulatory systems. "For the oxygenated water supporters, wrong time, wrong place," Brown said.
Please stop the maddness I throughly enjoy the benifits of my business but with trumped up claims of just uneducated people of this buiness only makes the people I talk to only laugh and move on. Can we just stick to the real stuff and move real products. Seriously!!!!

Tony Neely

While Most MLM Programs look promising the reality is that it still comes down to your own efforts. If you are going to wait for others to give you spillover you will be waiting until the cows come home. Promise of spillover is only for lazy people that want something for nothing.My best advise find something that will give you results based upon your effort and find a mentor that will truly help you become successful in your venture.Spillover is a myth because everyone is looking for it and no one does any work or even get the product.So I ask why even get involved with something like that to only spin you wheels.

James the home based business builder

"While Most MLM Programs look promising the reality is that it still comes down to your own efforts. If you are going to wait for others to give you spillover you will be waiting until the cows come home"

Have you seen the GBG home based business system and what I have done with the program? I have put together a system that is really interesting. Bsically, I give everyone who signs up through me two free reps which qualifies the newly sponsered rep for ten levels of pay and a $10 per month bonus. What makes this work is the GBG business is free.


Are people this gullible? Or did they take that would out of the dictionary? If people would do some research they will find that "perfect water" is the same water that Tyson and Whole Foods use to disinfect and sanitize their equipment. You can read http://www.secinfo.com/d12TC3.uG5k.htm and http://www.foodproductiondaily.com/news/ng.asp?n=65497-electrolyzed-water-cleaners

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