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Now it is 3, when it was reportedly 8-10. My question is, will we ever find out the real number? My guess it is 0. Now I know what you all are thinking, (he has got to be one of them) or He is a Drinker also. Well you may be right, but lets consider what has been proven ..... noting at all. I hope you are assumed innocent of innuendos before you are reportedly guilty.

Ty Tribble

So you are "guessing" that Schroeder game up a Master Distributor position and an $80,000/month income because he liked the MonaVie juice.

What are mixing with your MonaVie Juice?


Here is the answer to your first question.

I did not say he left for any reason.

However if I was to "guess", I would say it was because of the same reason most of us get involved with an opportunity, the Money. Same size team at one MLM as compared to another MLM is not the same size compensation. But I must say this is probably not the only reason.

Liking what the juice "does" could be the other reason.

Do I have to explain what "does" means?

If so let me know.
Clue: It has a dual purpose.

Editors Note:

Agel has a very similar compensation plan to MonaVie and if you think that Schroeder left because he can make more on his team, you are believing the hype fed to you by your upline. MonaVie has a good plan, but it is 6 one way, half a dozen the other when compared with Agel.

Secondly, Agel has a more unique product than MonaVie.

This is not that hard. Schroeder got paid to come over and provide some additional leadership outside of Brig Hart....plain and simple.


Hype from the upline?
I'm the upline!
Executive Ranks to be exact.
Show us the money trail and then I will graciously concede to you.
Until then be responsible with your reporting.
As far as unique goes, that is absolutely conjecture on your part. The BLEND is uncontested on what it is doing for people. If the other MLM/product which Randy is no longer a part of had any noteworthy claims to its sucess it would be gladly examined by the industry. The industry has spoken and the undisputed MLM king has reached a billion dollars faster than any other MLM in history.

William Moseley

I'am sorry to see this happen to this company. I hope things work out.

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