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Its interesting how so many people involved in cash gifting claim they were failing in MLM and made no money but they are now.

Also these cash gifting programs tend to target network marketers who arent succeeding... some of the web pages say "no recruting" "no phone calls" etc, implying there is really no effort involved. However, if no one does anything, no one makes money.

I dont believe cash gifting is legal though. There is no product or service which is a requirement. No legitimate MLM pays someone simply for recruiting, there must be a product or service purchased for commission to be paid. That isnt the case with cash gifting.


I was just going through your site about cash gifting. In my view just cash gifting is not possible and will not be covered legally. There should be some product in between without which according to my knowledge, is not possible. If I am wrong, correct me. Thanks

Bob and Anna Bassett

Joanne, we agree totally.

Our amazement at the number of gifters on YouTube prompted us to contact the NJ OAG and the Canadian RCMP to ask if gifting was legal.

Answer? NO!

We have since been told by friends in the UK that it is illegal there as well.

Gifters will quote tax laws (and even Scripture) to prove their legitimacy, but to date, not one of the gifters we have talked to has accepted the OAG Challenge:

Take your gifting plan to your state Office of the Attorney General and ask them personally if it's okay.

Don't worry about your wrist size. Handcuffs are 'one size fits all'!

And don't worry about a ride home. The OAG may invite you to stay over.

Bob and Anna Bassett


Legal or Not! What gets me is that if gifting programs are so bad or illegal, then why have they been floating around the internet for 10 years now. I know for a fact this is true because I got into the Eco-Sov 800 A.K.A.(TODAMNEASY) program back then myself and it is still around.

Joan Peterson

No cash gifting program is legal.

The BBB calls them Mini Bernie Madoffs.
The FTC and RCMP both call cash gifting illegal pyramid schemes.

Not once do any of these agencies say that there are cash gifting programs that are legal. Why not? Simply because each one is a scam.

It does not matter what spin one puts on them, they are all illegal.

Chris Davis | Best MLM

Has anyone ever done the math on pyramid schemes?

Lets for argument sake say that there is 10 million people in the world that would ever consider joining a pyramid scheme.
Now if each person has to join up 10 people than after only 6 levels we have 1,111,111 people in the pyramid, meaning for the people in the 6 tier, they in total would need to recruit 11,111,110 people to complete their requirement. This wouldnt be possible, without either harrasing people that are not interested or recycling those people that have already participated in this particular pyramid scheme. ???

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