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You are right. Quality conversation is the key. It's important not to sound like you are "selling"... No-one likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy.


I find the conversion rate is always greatest when prospective customers understand we are here to help them rather than just sell them.

Greg Gomez III

I actually have to disagree.

I've found over the last 12 years in this industry that it's not enough to just "get out there and plug away".

Too many times you see networkers doing their best to talk to anyone that will listen about their opportunity, and getting no sign ups.

I did that for years and got nowhere.

It may work for some, but it never had lasting results for me.

I've found that when I concentrated my conversations on folks that already had a want for my type of product or service; I had a much higher conversion rate.

Ex: I could have a great opportunity that promoted a fine grade of beef product, but if I'm only talking to a bunch of vegetarians, then what good does it do either of us?

Leading with the opportunity (in my opinion) has little to do with benefiting my prospect and usually just creates a stressful resistance in the relationship.

My approach now is more focused on finding folks that are most likely to benefit from consuming my product/services and less with the opportunity.

I've found that when I do this, many still want to promote, but have a deeper passion for the program because they had such a great benefit from the product/service first.

Think about it...

When was the last time you ate at some "hole in the wall" style restaurant but the food was surprisingly terrific...

What did you do?

I'll bet you told other people you knew about the place, right?

But why? you weren’t being compensated for it, right?

Well this type of "basic human instinct” is where I've found some of my best promoters, and the best part is if they ever decide to stop promoting the business, they still stick around for the products and services which helps stabilize the residual checks :)

Bottom line, I've found it's not a matter of just trying to have 10 great conversations a day, but having those conversations with a more focused audience that has a want for the benefits my product/services provides.

It's made me a heck of a lot more money that way.

Just my 2 cents.

- Greg Gomez III

Kurt Henninger

Absolutely true....if you perform enough of the right actions.....repeatedly and with conviction....you are practically assured of success. Just keep at it!

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You really need to know your market and who is in it before blindly going out and talking up your product. Unless you want to be known like those wicked irritating commercials on tv or Amway salesmen!

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