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Bob Firestone

Ty - This is a great post. I am sick and tired of the idea that it is one extreme or the other. You need to do both. The internet is a great way to generate leads but at the end of the day MLM is about the relationships and working together to build a business.


I am always amazed that people somehow believe you can build a business by promising folks they will become successful and not have to work at it or ever speak to people. Business is business and the harder you work the luckier you get. Success is not an entitlement or a gift..success is earned.


You're absolutely right, you must at a minimum speak to your downline... emails won't cut it. We utilize the Internet to generate MLM leads by teaching distributors how to generate prequalified MLM leads online. But, at the end of the day... although it's impossible to meet face-to-face with our downline, we do get on the phone and speak with them.

Human interaction is a must.

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