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Jack Zufelt

Great post. MYmusicticket is becoming more popular, glad you could provide some info on them.


Great article Ty!This sentence from your post truly sums it up:

"You can not get paid for doing things that do not create revenue."



1. Google does it already: Take a fraction of the income generated from advertising revenue and return it to the members that generate all the page traffic. Advertising is sold based on page views. We increase page views, MMT thanks members for doing so with generous income!
2. The site is under construction just like Myspace was when it first launched. It has to remain this way while microsoft staff test everything and place software in order. They need a certain amount of enrolled members while testing.
Try bashing something you actually know should be bashed. You clearly know nothing about MyMusicTicket!!
If it becomes huge, then you are going to look rather foolish for not doing your own research!

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Success or failure in any business such as this will be determined by company's R&D and creative marketing team.


This is not correct, wherever you heard or read this, your source was incorrect."every time someone watches a video on one of your pages, even if someone watches your video on YouTube, Myspace etc"
Think about how that sounds- how would MMT track activity from YouTube or Myspace?
Check the FTC rules- as long as they are offering a product or service, it is not a pyramid scheme. The service is the storefront with up to 40 pages.
Lack of Research?

Lise MacFadden

"You can not get paid for doing things that do not create revenue."

That is precisely what page views do. It creates revenue from the advertisers who's ads are being shown there. When MyMusicTicket builds up their social network member base (which is free by the way) that has great value to advertisers.

For the same reason that advertisers pay millions of dollars to advertise during the superbowl, the sheer numbers of members socializing on the MMT site will bring major advertisers because that's where the people are.

They make the ads entertaining so you don't change the channel... but online there's no reason to change the channel. Ads do get viewed.

Lise MacFadden

Lise MacFadden

I should also state that MyMusicTicket is a free social network. MMTplus is the network marketing branch for which the music based MMT social network site is the engine.

There will be millions of MMT community members who will never join the MLM aspect simply because they are only interested in the social side of MMT. But every single MMTplus member will be an MMT social network member.

Every member of MMTplus will have access to between 20 and 50 pages to list their businesses and/or products they want to promote or sell. Those pages will also contain ads from advertisers. So each of those pages will generate revenue from the traffic they get.

Lise MacFadden


As you say do your research. If you had done your research you would realize that the revenue comes from advertisement. Myspace is estimated to have made over 1 billion dollars in revenue from their advertisers last year. The difference with MMT is that they will be sharing their profits. The more members, the more advertisers, the more revenue to share with members who are the ones that make social networks what they are. It is really an easy concept, but I am sure you have figured it out and regret publishing this post being I am sure you have did more research on MMT. You surely wouldn't be spouting off at the mouth because of "Lack Of Research" Anyway, I am sure you won't be posting my comment, but at least you will have read it.


Apparently you have NOT seen the My Music Ticket site as it is not up yet. You must have seen some homemade sales site. The beta site dashboard for MMT is phenomonal with tabs that link to My Space, Twitter, Google and many other popular sites making MMT as a potential home page placing it above the rest! The flash page has amazing animated graphics. But that is not the site as it has not launched yet! This is not a Pyramid but a membership site that will make history on the internet! If I were you I were you I would scamble to get om board!


Yeah... that's right! hehe


Sorry, had a little more to say but had to do some 'research', again. There could be a problem here but nothing to get worked up about. When free members surf the site and view pages, the MMTplus pro or upgrade member who referred that free member will make the money. So what do you think the free member will think knowing he/she will not earn a penny for viewing pages unless they upgrade? Here is a stupid statement from a MMT-blowing-everything-out-of-proportion-to-early person ... and I quote, "Free Membership... These are the daily users, who use the system as a social networking site and nothing else". LOL! 'These'???? Who does this guy think he is by calling free members 'these'? ... Listen, without the free members MMT will go NO WHERE, period. Wowzaa, Giblink, ZenZuu all had the same idea years ago and ALL failed miserably today. If you guys think you know all that about MMT (waaay to early) you go and email MMT support. Tell them about the 'these' free members. Email and tell them that 'free members should earn for page views'. Afterall, like the guy above said. If it wasn't for 'these' peole non the the social medias would exist today 'is,. facebook, myspace, etc.

You still here?... HURRY. go email MMT support! :)

J P____R

Eric-Mortensen is pulling out. Site is inferior and MMT has been lying to everyone. I can't locate any info about the company. No headquarters address or phone# ANYWHERE.On site admin. is nameless and faceless. If I were you, I'd proceed with extreme caution.


So far, MMT has been one disappointment after another.

There IS another competing site that just launched this weekend.

The pay plan is the same as MMT, but it already works much better.

Also, the free membership uses the same matrix as the pay side, so securing a position now will benefit you later, when the paid option goes live.

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