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Amy Howard

It looks like everyone is getting on the MLM bandwagon.

Personally I think that it's great that all of these big names are supporting the fact that MLM is a great business to be in.

However, anyone that joins a MLM company just because the guy at the top is a celebrity but don't know how to actually run a network marketing business, then they would probably be better off just buying a lottery ticket. At least they would know right away if they are a winner or not.

Amy Howard


I've heard about Enlyten for the first time just a few weeks ago.
NOTE: I am NOT their distributor.. yet..
An amazing thing about Enlyten is that its products have been already used and readily endorsed by leading US athletes.
Moreover, an official US military health guide recommended (!) some of these products, and even mentioned manufacturer's website (!!).

I did some research on Enlyten, and discovered something very interesting about it.
It looks to me that there is unique opportunity there – and you do not need to join MLM for that! (Hint: this is about investing in stocks..)

I even managed to obtain documented evidence of strips’ effectiveness; have not seen other MLM firms with this kind of "proof"!

Having said this - I'll keep Enlyten on my monitor.. :-)

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