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Tom Eisch

Dan - Don't consider telling the whole story about YTB as you continue, as a pro-MLM blog, to bash YTB.

In order to become a Power Team Leader it used to take 6 personal website sales. YTB has reduced that by ONE-HALF and a person can become a Power Team Leader with just 3 sales.

The Associate receives $50 for each of his first 3 and $100 for each sale after that.

6 personal sales previously paid $300 total and THEN you start your Power Team. 6 sales now means $450 and you are half-way to a $1000 bonus.

Not counting a new $500 Fast-Start bonus if the 4th, 5th and 6th sales happen within 14 days after the first 3.

Doesn't sound like much of a "demotion" to me!

But, then again, you want to listen to the anti-YTB zealots instead of someone actually in the business.

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