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Angie Austin

As a Shaklee Business leader and a longtime Realtor I must say yes both is hard work.
I can think of nothing out there that does not require honest sweat equity.
Unless you are born with a golden spoon in your moth, even then you better work it or others will take it from you.
As any business it requires learning focus, training and time management. There is no better country then the US where one who has a dream can make it realty.
Every day is a new challenge in everyone’s live, so let’s make it happen for you.
No license required as in Real Estate. No big investment like in Real the Real Estate business. No monthly board dues to NAR or your broker/desk fee and all other requirement’s.
All you need is to make a commitment to yourself and work your Shaklee business daily. Set your own hours. The more quality time you invest in learning/training working your Shaklee business the faster you’ll grow.
If you like to now more please visit “The Land Of And” http://www.landofand.com/AngieAustin

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