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Matt Sterba

Instead of listening to it's top associates with decades of experience, Univera hired a consulting firm who knew absolutely nothing and they drove Univera LifeSciences off of a cliff. If this was almost any other company they would have completely gone under. The only thing that saved Univera is that it's owner (Bill Lee) is a multi-Billionaire (one of the richest men in South Korea). Their product Xperia was one of the worst things that I have ever tasted. They do however, have a great compensation plan, but what does that matter if the rest of your business cannot function. They are doing less volume now than they were four years ago.

johnny vinson

i total agree with the action's of john Terhune,marshall Douglas and joe Land. why stay with company that dosent care about its ibo's. and the company almost crashed. thay total screwed the pay plan,products and team website. they did a good job of shutting down the team website.the product and pay was always late. you had nothing to work with. i wish much success to john Terhune, marshall Douglas and joe Land. build it big...


So why did it take Terhune, Douglas and Land two years to figure this out?

Was Univera paying them extra money to stay before?


Obviously, this description sounds bias and is posted to discredit Univera. I'm not doubting that some of the events happened. I would just like to hear the facts from both sides.

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