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Not really possible in that Derek Broes is not an employee of efusjon. He is a distributor. He holds the master position in the community matrix.

Ty Tribble

Distributors can certainly be terminated from a company.

Any news on this? Has anyone seen or heard from Derek Broes in the last few days?


Derek is on vacation in Vegas with his wife, Kathy, and his girls. He should be back at the end of next week.

Kenneth Jones

Doesn't anyone find it interesting that he takes a vacation a week after the "BIG LAUNCH"????? Shouldn't he be hitting it hard right dealing with the avalanche of new business, not taking a va-ca?


"Distributors can certainly be terminated from a company."

Very true - I was responding to "Derek is (was) Sales Vice President..." He is not an employee.

He did respond on Twitter regarding the rumors.


He is a scam artist a con man!!!


The question is if Derek will continue to market with the same full force as before, or will he just "ride it out" and pursue his many other interests, including training/coaching and politics.

Anyone know what's happening with the National Bus Tour?

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