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Juan Carlos Torrico

She is doing a great job preventing many woman for the economic depression is gong to come.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the betseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, said in an interview in Youtube "If you are not in this business (MLM) you are out of business". Period.
He was talking for the days to come: the biggest economic depression in history ever.
He and Donald Trump wrote "Why we want you to be rich". They think middle class is going to disappear, and I know is true.
If you are in a network marketing business, start reading to become professional. One good book is Magnetic Sponsoring, by Mike Dillard. Show how important is professional attitude for anyone in any MLM company. Shows how to create or use a generic recruiting system to produce endless leads and sponsor more reps faster and easier than you think is possible, without wasting time and money on leads and cold calling. (learn more in the free videos http://JCTK.magneticsponsoringonline.com )

We must go professional to give the middle class a choice of dignity.

My best books and mentors:


Think and grow rich, Napoleon Hill
The science of richness, Wallace D. Wattles
Morals for the 21st century, John Baines
Rich dad, Poor dad, by Robert Kiyosaki
Your first year in Network Marketing, Mark Yarnell

Mentors you can find in YouTube and the web

John Baines (high self development)
Jim Rohn
Randy Gage
Eric Woree (watch free interviews in networkmarketingpro.com)
Mark Yarnel
Zig Ziglar
Mike Dillard
Tim Sales
Nathan Ricks

dc mithchell

Good mlm resources Juan!

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