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Verniel Cutar -- MLM distributor

Hi there,

I liked what this blog unveiled to the readers. It shows the disparity between the sales generated and the amount earned by distributors. Any serious networker should know these stats..

Verniel Cutar


fyi efusjon doesnt pay on "points"
i would like to know where you got your numbers? commision is 4.25% of sales and 1.25% for overlap. you get paid this rate for everyone in your matrix.

***The numbers are simple. $120 is the volume requirement. The pitch is "get 3", so if you get 3 x 120 that is $360. $360 x 4.25% = $15.30. Then you need another $4650 to make $5,000. $4650 x 1.25% = $58.

$58 + $15.30 = $71.30

You earn $71.30 for $5,000 in volume at Efusjon.***

Jack Weinzierl

Thank you for this compensation comparison. It is one of the reasons that I got involved with EIRO Research.

Tadd Bowditch

This information is a must for anyone considering these companies. Thank you once again for doing the research.

Chris Davis | Best MLM

Did anyone else have trouble following this post? Is the bonus the amount which one would recieve if one is in one of these MLM's?

The way I understood eFusjon's payment plan meant you would be paid 4.5% down a 3x15 matrix, which by my calculations is 21+ Million in your downline?

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