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Mark McCulloch

Many people just recently have been speaking to me about Monavie as its coming to the UK or rather has already came here now, your post on it is great, Thank you

Steve P

She hasn't done anything in a few years anyway. Randy Schroeder is the man!

postcard marketing

Both are popular names in the mlm industry. The only thing about network marketing that still bothers me is that once someone like this leaves to join another program, it threatens others business also.

Patrick Powers

Who is Raven Starre?? I've been with Monavie almost for a year and know the names of all the top performers and have never come across her. So I can't see it's a loss.

Mia Nickleson

I recently came across this breakdown of different payouts from MLM companies by a friend who works with Mannatech. Any validity to this? If so then maybe this is why she left Monavie?

In 2008 Herbalife paid out 33.8%

In Q2 ’09 Mannatech’s payout was 59%, the highest for any Direct Sales organization.

While its payout varies for each quarter the annual average is between 44 and 46%.

(Attached is the annual report, page 38 has the income statement. Quarterly report info is based on our websites that show quarterly filings)

Details on Mannatech payout.
2008 Annual payout @ 44.9%
Net Sales of 332,708,000
Distributor Commissions & Incentives of 149,595,000

Q2 2009 @ 59.7%
Net Sales of $77,644,000
Distributor Commissions & Incentives of $46,419,000

Q2 2008 @ 47.6%
Net Sales of $86,781,000
Distributor Commissions & Incentives of $41,368,000

Six Months ending June 30, 2009 @ 54%
Net Sales of $148,345,000
Distributor Commissions & Incentives of 80,145,000

Six Months ending June 30, 2008 @ 47%
Net Sales of $178,232,000
Distributor Commissions & Incentives of 83,860,000

MonaVie’s payout is reportedly between 32% and 36% of Sales. With the new sales of EMV payout % are probably closer to 32%.

Details for MonaVie: The company will not disclose any actual numbers. They do state that they payout 50% on commissionable volume but according to Newsweek that is only 1% of its sales force. If you take into account that they have split PV then the payout is significantly less than 50% of sales. Below is a payout for each product based on product sales:

22% payout on 1 case of EMV (Cost of $68 for 30 in volume: Payout is based on 50% of 30 volume (15/68 = 22%)

25% payout on 3 cases of EMV (Cost of $198 for 100 volume: Payout is based on 50% of 100 volume (50/198 = 25%)

27% payout on 6 cases of EMV (Cost of $375 for 200 volume: payout is based on 50% of 200 volume (100/375 = 26.6%)

38% payout on 1 case of MonaVie Pulse (Cost $131 for 100 volume: payout is based on 50% of 100 (50/131 = 38%)

38% payout on 1 case of MonaVie Active (Costs $130 for 100 volume: payout is based on 50% of 100 (50/130 = 38%)

41.6% payout on 1 case of MonaVie Original (Cost $120 for 100 volume: payout is based on 50% of 100 (50/120 = 41.6%)

An important question for Mona Vie would be if they count their large “headhunter” fees as payout. Mona Vie reportedly pays between $1 million to $5 million as personal bonuses to networking leaders as enticements to leave their own MLM companies and work with them. These kinds of bonuses are not available to the average person and if they are counted as payout by the company then the amount will shrink even more for the average distributor.

This from Newsweek, “… according to MonaVie's 2007 income disclosure statement, a federally required printout of their distributor earnings. More than 90 percent were considered ‘wholesale customers,’ whose earnings are mostly discounts on sales to themselves. Fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10 percent made more than $100 a week. And the dropout rate, while not disclosed by MonaVie, is around 70 percent, according to a top recruiter.” - By Tony Dokoupil, Newsweek, Aug 11, 2008,

Nu Skin
In 2008 Nu Skin paid out 42.4%

In 2008 USANA paid out 41.6%

In 2008 Xango paid out 50%

Conclusion: Manatech’s 59.7% payout, reached in the Second Quarter of 2009, is the highest payout of any major MLM.


Interesting, tell me more about Raven and her network marketing company please.

MLM Leads

It's amazing at how Raven built this business at the age of 18. It just goes to show you that people from all walks of life can do mlm. It's just so amazing that in the internet age, the same principles can be applied and the potential is so much greater. We now have the ability to reach billions of people. Amazing, isn't it.


Considered Monavie before but lost interest, but their great. I chose the telecom industry as it makes sense in the area.

Thanks for the post.

Chris Owen

Mona Vie seems to be everywhere in my hometown. The stickers are on the back of everything from beat up station wagons to vipers. We went to a meeting, but I would like to do something that isn't already saturated in my area. Though I am looking for things to do offline just to break up the day to day.


Ha! She says she left with no incentive, no one leaves $700k in MLM residual income for nothing...

Ed H.

She doesn't have to do anything.

Darvon Harris

Raven: its good you followed your heart
may God bless you in your wealth & success!

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