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Polaris Media hires Wilkinson PR for crisis management

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Here's more on Polaris Media Group from OzSoapBox:

With the official launch of Polaris Media group just hours away, it seems the company has gone into a massive scale crisis management.

Things haven’t gone as smoothly as the company’s head honchos would have liked. Polaris Media Group advisors are running around issuing legal threats, the NSW government have declared Liberty League to be a pyramid scheme, job networks are refusing to list Polaris ads and a Whirlpool Australian community forum thread is thriving with over 2000 replies where Australians are discussing Polaris Media openly.

In addition to ordering a complete media blackout for Polaris Media Group associates, the company has also recently enlisted the services of Australian public relations company, Wilkinson PR.

Brad and Leslie Wolgamott Update

The Amway Blog - Brad & Leslie Wolgamott Update is an update on Brad and Leslie Wolgamott.  WWDB has an open and authentic post about them on the Wolgamott page. 

You can see this and more at the newly updated Amway Global Blog.  The new design is a hint at what is in the works for your friendly neighborhood MLM Blog.

Polaris Media Group Advisor Threatens Blogger

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

From OzSoapBox:

With the Polaris Media Group launch just around the corner on the 9th of September, it seems some advisors have had enough of being called out on their scam.

Understandably tension appears to be high as all sorts of wild accusations and claims fly in the days before the company’s launch.

This evening the following email threat was received by OzSoapbox and appears to be from a genuine source.


My name is David Gemmill of Polaris media group.

I have reported you to Polaris media group and the AUTHORITIES, for writing absolute rubbish on the internet about Liberty League and Polaris media group.

The company knows who you are, so by all means keep this slander and untruths on the internet, because you will be traced, and found out. Liberty League has many companies in the law courts at the moment.

The truth is the company has not been deemed a Pyramid, it has gone to Polaris media group to enhance and improve the company profile and opportunity to it’s loyal followers.

If you would like to speak to me then contact me on (mobile phone number removed), but I’m sure I won’t hear from you, but you will be hearing from us.


David Gemmill

Liberty League/Polaris media group.
Summit advisor

David Gemmill appears to run 2hourhomebusiness and amazingly despite being based in Australia, David appears to be completely unaware of the recent NSW Office of Fair Trading press release classifying Liberty League International as a pyramid scheme.

Xango Launches New Dietary Supplement Eleviv

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Xango logo From Xango:

LEHI, UT – The modern lifestyle: fast-paced, confronted by continual change and full of demands, pressure and stress. This perfect storm often results in a tired, sluggish, even depressed population – fueling an $80 billion industry of sleep aids, energy drinks and other drugs and stimulants. A natural, safe solution XanGo, LLC unveils Eleviv™, a revolutionary new dietary supplement for natural, youthful vigor. Decreased stress, improved mood, and enhanced sleep quality are all key components of vigor.

XanGo CEO Robert Conlee describes the company’s category-creating efforts, explaining that, “As a global health and wellness company, XanGo is constantly searching for new products and ingredients that improve consumer lifestyles and create opportunities for our distributors. Eleviv is our latest innovation, and already in high demand. In fact, just during our pre-launch activities, Eleviv has led to XanGo’s biggest sales day ever.”

Where's WWDB Brad Wolgamott?

Brad Wolgamaott is suspiciously missing from the World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) website.  Brad's wife Leslie has her picture on the site.  Leslie was reportedly alone during this weekend's River Rendezvous at Ron Puryear's River House.

WWDB is training and motivation system founded by Ron Puryear that "helps" Amway Global IBO's build their business.

Brad and Leslie Wolgamott were Double Diamonds sponsored by Brad and Julie Duncan in the World Wide Group.

Here is the picture from before:


Here is the picture today:


10 Network Marketers You Should Follow On Twitter

In no particular order, here are the 10 Network Marketers (some of them are not active Network Marketers today. They may be trainers or authors related to the Network Marketing industry) These are the folks that I would follow today:

Online marketing genius. At least that's what my Mom tells me...

Leadership is my game. I'm a luckily married guy (toddler & teenager) who loves to travel (75+ countries) & who develops leaders for a living. Can't complain.

I teach others how to have a home business with Online Social Media, and to Party For a Living. Life/Business is about fun! Mom, foodie, wine, travel junkie!

Todd Falcone
Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer in the Network Marketing Profession

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
MLM Network Marketing Tips Newsletter.

Husband | Father Entrepreneur | Friend of God EIRO Research | LocalAdLink YOUnique Wealth | Business Network Marketing Leader TheTRAFFICplan System

Author, The Renegade Network Marketer
Coauthor of The Go-Giver and lucky husband of Ana Gabriel Mann

A dedicated husband, father, cross-country coach, marathon runner, and full time network marketer.

Seriously FUN Social Media Professional (work at home), Writing about leading the home fitness revolution, the Beachbody lifestyle, Fitness, P90X, Disc Golf.

and a bonus...

Husband, Dad and Entrepreneur

And remember to follow the MLM Blog:

Go ahead and add your link in the comments...

Efusjon Loses 12,000 Distributors in 60 Days

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

There's been a lively debate in the comments to the MLM Blog exclusive interview with Derek Broes. Read the whole MLM Blog post here.

Now, a trusted source claims that Efusjon has lost 12,000 distributors in the last 60 days.

We'd like to get to the bottom of this - does anyone have any additional information that refutes or supports this claim?

RBC Life Sciences Launches New Initiatives

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

What didn't they change?

Source: PR Newswire

IRVING, Texas, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- RBC Life Sciences, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: RBCL), a provider of proprietary nutritional supplements and wound care/pain management products, announced today that it has implemented several company-wide initiatives aimed at helping to grow its North American independent sales base.

The new initiatives include launching an industry-first compensation plan, giving independent Associates a new back-office platform, streamlining the company's product offering, changing the name of the company's network marketing arm and rebranding Websites, product labeling and logos. It also included the August 14 launch of NeuroBright(TM), a synergistic formulation of antioxidants that improved test subjects' learning and memory by nearly 50 percent during a recent animal study.

"These strategic initiatives and reorganizations better position RBC Life Sciences to capture market share," said RBC Life Sciences President and CEO, John W. Price. "The compensation plan will reward our independent Associates generously while the new back-office platform will help them monitor, motivate and grow their organizations throughout Canada and the United States."

RBC Life Sciences also changed the name of its network marketing arm to RBC Life(TM). The new name, along with a streamlined product offering, redesigned labeling and revamped Websites, better reflect the vitality and community aspect of the network marketing company.

Global Verge on the Verge of Collapse

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Here's an excerpt from Troy's take on the Global Verge opportunity...

From Troy Dooly at

Well, in closing I can state the following…

I still believe Global Verge is nothing more than a gravy train for a few grifters who could not make it in a legitimate MLM company. If you go a Google search on some of the top names in Global Verge you will quickly see where they have represented several companies over the last few months (years), and always seem to have an excuse for failing and moving on.

I still believe there are some great leaders in Global Verge who are doing all they can to turn this company into a legitimate business opportunity. However, they do not control the company, and I am not convenced they can pull it off.

Global Verge lost it’s Catagory Creating position whe Zer01 could not deliver on the technology, and cancelled the exclusive contract. I also believe Global Verge had some inside corporate espionage, and should file criminal complaints against some of their past corporate employees.

All, in all, I would not look at Global Verge as a company I would want to put the future of my family.

Reliv launches New Products

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

NewCustomLeadLogo From NMBJ:

Reliv International, Inc. held its third annual “Walk for the Mission” on Aug. 15 to raise funds for the company’s charitable arm, the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. Approximately 2,400 Reliv independent distributors from 10 countries participated in the walk as part of Reliv’s international conference, which took place from Aug. 13 to 15.

The Reliv Foundation provides free nutritional supplements daily to more than 42,000 people in the United States and nine other countries. The majority of the recipients are malnourished children who live outside of the United States who receive the supplements in more than 270 feeding programs.

On Aug. 18 Reliv launched new products and business tools for its independent distributors at its 21st annual international conference. Highlights of the conference included: The launch of a new family of products called Relivables™, which includes an exclusive collection of personal care products. The announcement of a new clinical study on Reliv nutritional supplements. The introduction of personal Web sites as a great new marketing tool for distributors. The launch of a distributor autoship program that has the potential to boost sales. Training for independent distributors from some of Reliv’s most successful distributors.