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Carol Anderson has been a leading clothing designer for over 28 years, making her first sale to Nordstrom’s in 1977.
Now Carol Anderson sells her product exclusively in a relaxed home environment with independent CAbi Clothing
(Carol Anderson by invitation) consultants serving as party hosts and sales representatives.

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January 04, 2007


Karen Booze

I would like to see the spring line.


How do I view your clothing?


www.cabionline.com - if you know a consultant, put in her first and last name. e.g. www.michellekingsmith.cabionline.com. If you don't have a consultant, go to the first website, and click on host a show. Then put in your info, and the home office will contact you and put you in touch with someone. Have a great day!


www.karenhicks.cabionline.com thanks!


Karen - I'd love to come to a show. I'm interested in becomming a consultant. What state/city are you in? Thanks.


I am looking for last year's green quilted fur trimed jacket in Medium. Is there one
still available????


Are you talking about the black fur-trimmed coat? There was also a tweed type blazer with a fur collar...

Sanje Musengo

I want to view the spring line

gail greenfelder

I would like to buy the jeans skirt with the decorative waistband. I need size two and size eight. Where can I purchase them? I live near Tampa Florida.

Thank you,



I met someone in March who was wearing a gorgeous knee length tapestry jacket/coat. Is this item available for purchase?

Christy Britcilffe

How do you view the catalog?

Deborah Young

I am trying to locate the Spring 2007 line skirt #518 (layered asymetrical) in maybe a size 6 and need it asap! Can anyone help?

Mercy Gonzales

I bought a CaBi shirt and it fell apart. I will never buy CaBi clothing again and I recommend that you really really look at the quality of the clothing because it is so expensive. I thought you get what you pay for but this was very cheaply made.


I have the jean skirt in a size 8 if you are still interested.


Hi Lauren,
Let me know if you are still interested in becoming a consultant. Full for Fall 2007 but can start an application for Spring 2008. Thanks!

Christy Britcilffe

I would like to view the fall collection.


Christy: I just went to my first show and it was fabulous! Email my consultant - barketrn@yahoo.com to get a catalog!!

Wilma Wood

I have two pieces to return for exchange. My consulant is out of town and I lost her cell ph no. Fedex will not come and pick up the two boxes, with labels printed. I do not know what to do. HELP!!!!

Lavone Frost

I would like to get in touch with a cabi rep. in Chattanooga, TN

Doug Smith

When and were are the Cabi conventions in 2008. I know there is one in January and one in July in Orlando.

–Doug Smith


Are any of these clothes made in the USA?


I am looking for the sold out Fall 2007 gray sweater wrap shawl, new, in a large or extra large. Thanks.


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