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Acai Plus - TriUnity

The MLM Blog Network is looking for a blogger to launch a Acai Plus - TriUnity blog on the network. If you are interested in blogging about the TriUnity products and/or business, please leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you.

From the web site:

TriUnity International Mission Statement
In addition to a high level of Integrity and Honesty, we are committed to providing our Distributors with the most Revolutionary product available. Our product, “ACAI PLUS,” is truly in a league of its own for its health and nutritional value. There is NO COMPETITION! We are also committed to providing our distributors an easy to understand “EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE” Compensation Plan that can clearly change their financial future.


TriUnity International Merchant  Processing Services
            (Will appear on your charge statement)

            Owned  and Operated By
            TriUnity  International LTD
            7 Petworth Rd
            Haslemere, Surrey, GU272JB


TriUnity International Manufacturing
The manufacturer that we have teamed up with to produce our products is an FDA Regulated manufacturing facility that operates under strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our manufacturer is one of the largest in the world. Mr. Gunderson, TriUnity’s CEO, has maintained a long-term manufacturing and business relationship with them during the development of several nutritional products through the years. Our manufacturer has full laboratory capabilities to produce our products and provide Micro-Biological Testing, PH Testing, Percentage of Moisture Testing, and Brix Testing, all to provide the optimum in Quality Control and to ensure the absolute highest quality products, period!


About the CEO and Founder


Greg Gunderson, CEO and Founder.
TriUnity International was developed and founded by Greg Gunderson. Greg is a Christian Family man, Business Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. Greg’s business background goes back 28 years. 28 years ago, Mr. Gunderson, after leaving college, invented a toy product called “The Free Flight Glider,” a four-foot wing span toy airplane. Mr. Gunderson’s distribution networks sold this toy product across the U.S. and Canada in most Super Regional Shopping Malls, State and County Fairs, and shows. The Gliders were even sold in Sears. Mr. Gunderson, then, developed his own ice cream bars called “GREG’S GOURMET” Ice Cream products. These ice cream products were distributed by a leading grocery chain and convenience stores. Mr. Gunderson has, over the years, started and assisted with other companies that have been successful.


In 1993, Mr. Gunderson entered into the Network Marketing Industry. He worked his way to success in three companies with which he worked. Mr. Gunderson, also, developed several copyrighted and nationally acclaimed Direct Marketing Systems for his “downline” members. Ultimately, after about 4 years as a Successful Distributor, Mr. Gunderson launched his own MLM company, American Dream Nutrition. Mr. Gunderson, using a Direct Mail Marketing System that he created, recruited THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Autoship Distributors within 1 year for his company American Dream. His company, American Dream, is still in existence today and has been a long-running successful MLM company with distributors across America and Canada. And, Mr. Gunderson is CEO of a Successful Marketing/Lead Generation Company, Success Marketing Group Inc. In addition, Mr. Gunderson is also CEO of a staffing company which provides employees to his other companies.


As an Entrepreneur, Mr. Gunderson is constantly striving to develop “The Perfect Opportunity” for the MLM Industry. That’s where TriUnity came about. In watching the MLM Industry over the last few years, Mr. Gunderson figured he could develop a product and company that was unique and very powerful, yet very simple, not only for the value of the nutritional product, but, also, for it’s very lucrative Compensation Plan and Support System with an entry level cost of only $7.00 for shipping (and that makes it affordable for EVERYONE who is interested in a Home-Based Business). Plus, he gives away a FREE BOTTLE of our “ACAI PLUS” product to those who become Members.


Chris Benton

I am just getting going in TriUnity and things are starting to work for my wife and I. I would be interested in doing your blog on here about TriUnity and everything.

Chris Benton

P.S. We have been in other MLM businesses but this has been the only one that has started to work for us.

Mark McCall

Just like Chris, I have also tried other biz opps without any success, but Triunity is working for me. They have 2 great products along with the best comp. plan that I have ever seen. Only 1 bottle of product ($32) a month and you can earn a great income. Other companies said they would put people under me (then didn't) but my sponsor has put enough under me to get me excited and I am on a mission to expand my group. feedmybrainnow.net

Chris Benton

Dec 8th we are having the first annual TriUnity Convention. We are very excited about this. I am looking forward to meeting Greag. We have never seen a CEO of a Network Marketing company that has been so freely to talk with. Most won't talk to you or anything. The other day I was able to talk to him over the phone for 40 minutes. Also, I have a doneline in NC that met him when he did a Hickory NC meeting. When I talked with Greg, he not only remembered them but told me their story!! I thought that was awesome. When I told my downline that, they became even more sold on this buiness. THis is a business from the heart. I was scared at first because of it being new but I am more sold than ever and we know this is our future!!!!!

Chris & Sandy Benton

L Lane

I have just started with the company and last month I received my first check w/o even sponsoring anyone. It was truly amazing. I am new at networking so it has been slow starting up for me. However I believe in the products. I take both everyday faithfully and cannot imagine missing a day. Acai Berry plus is absolutely delicious. I feel if you go into any vitamin shop you can see how expensive it could be for a combination of supplements. This company offers a free trial you just pay the S&h. You have nothing to lose. It really is risk free. Try the product yourself and once you see how terrific it is you wont have any problem sharing the product. I think the products are so good that I wouldnt mind just being a customer but why would you pass this opportunity up.Get paid to be healthy! Now that things are calmer in my life I am able to also focus on the business. So I am ready to meet the rest of you guys on the top. Even if it takes me longer because of my lack of experience.
Best of Health to you all. I hope you enjoyed my comments.

L Lane

This looks like a very interesting marketing company. The extremely lucrative compensation plan provides insurance for anyone investigating MLM companies.

Thanks for the blog!



OK now for a long termer story! I've been in since pre-launch towards the end of 2006! I originally enrolled 12 myself, I now only have 2! I have a group of over 245 people below me but about half of them are inactive or have dropped out!!

I never made a check higher then $119 on this number of distributors in my group! The matching bonus thing looks really good but it really hurts you when your organization grows deep!

I even see one guy towards the top of the leaderboard with 45 members and he is in my downline! I bet 6 months from now half of them will be gone!

The autoresponder systems and online systems have been updated very little since pre-launch and everyone online has seen the same old thing.

It's harder to get signups and the ones that do come in don't stay very long.

Our upline team had a co-op which they redid after FMB, and it just isn't pulling the conversions like it used to.

I am glad to have found a more solid company with a 4+ year track record with a much larger product line.

A frusterated TriUnity Distributor


Is it possible that you simply did not put enough effort int ti-unity? I've tried the product and have found it to be excellent.


This is good to see the different perspectives from different distributors. Maybe "Frustrated" didn't try hard enough or maybe the compensation plan needs tweaking. Regardless, anyone looking into an MLM company wants some insurance they're getting into something solid. Thanks for the discussion, folks. I hope it leads to something better for you, Frustrated!



You know regardless of the company, getting people in and getting new people all the time is tough sometimes, that's why I use a company that does it for me and does it very well. Go to http://www.mymxm.com and let them help you out no matter what the company or comp plan. They do the work, and you enjoy the benefit of your comp plan paying you. Do it today.

Chris Benton


I was getting fustrated just like the guy above and that is why we found something so much better that is actually working now. It is a healthy energy drink company that has been around since June of 05 and the guy who launched this doesn't believe that if you want people to market your products then you shouldn't charge them an upfront fee or make them have to buy in order to be a dealer. So this is FREE to join plus you buy what you need and want in the fastest growing industry out there. Just click our link or go to www.CravePureEnergy.com


You know I started using http://www.mymxm.biz/ex to build a new business I am in and it is doing great. I save and earn at the same time. The downline is growing daily. Take a peek


Hi I am yagnesh
Currently on MonaVie, which works fantastic for me and my family.
Is there anyone out there could explain me how Triunity is better then Mona Vie.

Waiting for response


It's funny everyone trying to put in a plug about a different company!

Acai Plus is solid,stable company that just got a whole lot better with the release of the Healthy Energy Drink " White Lightning" !!

2008 is going to be an awesome year for TriUnity and there is no better time to join...those who have been in awhile...get back to work! Look the site over but don't over look it...hehe !

I have been in MLM along time...this is one program that has me excited. Its went through the tough times....and made it. Now its releasing new products and the sleeping giant is waking up...you better wake up too!

Dont cry because your downlines left you...what have YOU been doing? I visit forums and message boards all the time and barely never see anyone posting about acai plus lately... where are YOUR posts and support?? So its your own fault too!

I have joined up with a brand new team that is going to blow a whole new bit of life into Acai Plus...a company that was great...still is great...and is only getting more great!

When was the last time you looked at the comp plan...did you know you got a raise..YOU DID!!

If you want to sign up for a company that will pay you well for your efforts and the efforts of others...join TriUnity!

Mark my words... TriUnity Is Back!!

And if you contact me I can let you in on a secret marketing system created for the purpose of putting 3 personal referrals in YOUR downline!!

This system launches in January...and right now is invitation only....so act fast! First come first serve!!

Those who have been in awhile...check your downlines and you will notice alot of activity stirring up!

Friends... This Is Only The Beginning!!
Stay tough and get to work on building your dreams...


I tryed too many mlm Cie I have never been so satisfiet like with Triunity for me and for my distributors is the best compagny with the best plan we love triunity


We have a new team support forum if you would like to check it out at http://mightyacai.activeboard.com/

TriUnity is gonna explode this year with the new White Lightning Energy Drink! Its time to get very excited!!


I have only been with TriUnity a short time but have been very impressed with the quality of they products both from a personal experence as well as the people i have shared them with the results have been great.Being new to the company but not to MLM this company is working for me better thus far than the many others i have try the surpport is great and when people try the product they come back begging for more the White Lighting is really awsome good luck and God bless all.


With the Acai plus sales plan, one thing that you need to do is to avoid drinking up the products! With people becoming more aware and more concerned with their health ever year, it is easy to see why so many different health products hit the market. If you are interested in getting good health practices involved in every aspect of your life, taking a look at the opportunities offered by Acai plus may well be worth your while.

http://www.masterkeysponsoring.com-Discover How To Build A Downline Of 37,222!

mike mayer

Triunity is awesome!!! I have been involved with other network marketing companies and have never seen such a great comp plan and amazing products as Triunity offers! 2008 is going to be a HUGE YEAR for Triunity! White Lightning, a very healthy energy drink, just came out and is a GREAT PRODUCT! Along with the Acaiplus drink, which I totally enjoy drinking because it is providing me with sustained energy during my 16 hour work days! The Feed your Brain vitamins are excellent for mental clarity and memory, it has done wonders for mother! I am so excited about Triunity I would love to share and answer any questions you might have and to get you going on the road to improved HEALTH/WEALTH!
PLEASE E-MAIL AT acaimikey@gmail.com or visit www.acaiplus.com/acaimikey

Charles Orlik - 8612

Hello all!

I have set up a system for my TriUnity team unlike no other. It builds a leg 5 levels down straight, and then starts a new leg 5 levels down straight, and continues on... It does the same thing for everyone in the system!!

This is for our team only, and if you email me your name and ID, I will look to see if you are in our group, and if you are, I will email access to the system.

If you are considering joining TriUnity, please take a look at this cutting edge system our team uses!

Charles Orlik

Charles Orlik

By the way the link to the system is:


You can email me: (broken up for anti-email harvesting) Net work ing power AT gmail.com

Robert Boyer

Hello MLM Blog Network

You can check out my TriUnity-DreamTeam Downline News Archives blog to see if I qualify.




I think that the tri unity company copyed the ACT Healthy Energy Drink.

they even have the same slogan

Day 1 you feel it
Day 2 you love it
Day 3 you tell your friends


ACT has sold over 50million healthy energy drinks they are the top and the fist healthy energy drink looks like to me tri-unity must know this or they would of not copyed the ACT, they did add a little more stuff to the drink though but still it is the same as ACT.

So many has come out with these so called energy drinks but ACT was the first and still is to me just like coke is the real think so is ACT compared to the drinks out there.

This crave stuff man that stuff is full of caffeine each little pack is 2 serv just take the ing and times them by 2 no wounder people are getting a buzz of the stuff

Robert Boyer

It has been awhile since you requested an acaiplus blog....are you still looking for someone?


You have alot of great content on your site!! Acai is a wonderful

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