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  • Ty is a successful Internet Entrepreneur featured in Entrepreneur magazine, author of the MLM Opportunities Blog, and President of Passport LLC. He considers himself a Husband, Dad and an Entrepreneur in that order. Involved with the home-based business industry since 1992, he entered the industry on a full time basis in 2002.
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Quixtar has to spread it's profits up and down very long legs of sponsorhips while Passport's profit is passed up and down three legs only so the payouts to distributors is more limited. Passport's business model is more manageable and more efficient. At least that's the way I see it.

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Bo Short & Oasis LifeSciences

  • Former Quixtar Diamond and CEO of Passport LLC, Bo Short is joining Oasis LifeSciences. If you would like to speak directly to Bo about this news, send me an email.