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June 02, 2004

Note to Michelle Duggar...STOP!

Was there any doubt the father was named Jim Bob?

'All smiles' Arkansas woman gives birth to 15th child

Just a little good natured fun. I'm sure they are very nice people and I certianly wish them well.

Update: Please keep the comments civil. I will delete anything that is offensive and ban the person from commenting in the future.

5/1/2006 Update: This post has certainly taken on a life of it's own. I never expected to have a one sentence blog post about Michelle Duggar land in the top 3 on Google.

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Please remember to keep all comments civil. I don't mind opinions on both sides, I do mind offensive comments.

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Carrie Peterson

I think you are fantastic.... Multiply and replenish the earth... this is a commandment... I wish that I would of had the health and patience to do what you are doing.... Your new house is beautiful... and you both (all) deserve it... Have a wonderful Day and enjoy those beautiful blessings to come.. :)


I am a stay at home mom and homeschool three children. I can barely manage. I think you need to write a book or something for all us stumblers. Help!!!

Oh Geez....

Why does the earth need such "replenishing"? There's over 6 billion people in the world. Soon the world won't be able to sustain the human population. There won't be any wildlife left. We'll be overpopulated into oblivion...


Don't be such a downer. There is no reason that you shouldn't have as many kids as you want (whether it's a commandment or not!) as long as you can support them. Jim Bob and Michelle love their children and put a lot of planning into their family. The children recieve plenty of one-on-one attention...much more than many parents can say these days, even with just one or two children. The Duggars are not reliant upon government assistance, in fact Jim Bob was a member of parliament for two terms just a few years back. These are remarkable people with great hearts. We should all look up to them.

Mrs Shea

Keep going Michelle! Let God plan your family not society and those idiotic population control people!


if they ever decide to put the children up for adoption i would adopt all of them

Bethany Allo

Hi. My name is Bethany Allo.

I live in Arkansas, too, and know how wonderful that area of Arkansas is; I lived in that region a few years back.

I have a great respect for you and what you do for your children. Right now I am blessed with one delightful little four-month old girl, and I must say, you are an inspiration to many mothers out there. I can only imagine how much fifteen times the love you feel for all your children as I feel for my daughter.

I can relate to your blessing. My father's sister, Tally, and her husband, Andy, have ten children, eight of which were all born at home. All the children have been, or are being, home-schooled and the family remains debt-free as you do. They built their own house and encourage each child individually. They all are very delightful, religious people. Tally is very patient and Andy is very firm. They are great parents. Great parents make great children.

Thanks for the prime example to us all.


Sorry I don't agree with most of the posters here. It is irresponsible and stupid to breed like wild animals. Why not let "God" control your brain and your sex drive for a change?????


Okay Misty - TELL THAT to all the teenagers/young mothers out there with pregnancy after pregnancy (as you put breeding like wild animals!!!) whether aborting them or having them by various different men and not being able to support them, leaving our society with some screwed up little kids/turned adults. I look forward to what ALL the Duggar kids will be able to contribute to our society/country and the values their parents have instilled in them!!!!!


The Duggar's are idiots who are willing to let "God" decide how many children they should have but unwilling to let "God" help them control their sex drive. Their kids will end up with many problems in life because they have lived in a commune-like home. If you can't see that, then you are just as delusional as they are.


This whole thing is so bogus, from the home schooling to the stupid Mother Hubbard dresses. Did anybody actually pay attention to the Discovery Channel program about them? When the "mother of the year" was teaching ten of her then 14 children, ages 5 through 17 in their home schooling exercise, who was caring for the four babies? God? There's a whole lot here that remains hidden from view. I for one would like to know how those kids would really perform in standardized tests, and what they will do when, as is inevitable, they encounter the world that their parents are so determined to keep them insulated from and for which they are so clearly unprepared. I'm a parent and a professional and I say this is all just garbage. Michelle Duggar is a publicity seeker, and frankly, she looks to me suspiciously like a control freak.


To say that homeschooling is bogus is very ignorant of you. Homeschooled kids get more individualized attention and don't get force fed the garbage in todays public school systems. As a homeschooled graduate I know first hand the benefits of homeschooling. And they will suceed more because they are taught to think and lead not follow some idiot blindly.

Homeschooled people are not anymore unprepared to "encounter the world" than the rest of the children out there who go to public schools. IOn fact I would say homeschoolers are better prepared due to the self motivation they acquire from homeschooling.

And people who choose to have alot of children deserve more respect than those who are so self centered that they only have one child so that they can have more time for THEIR career.

Adirondack_gal you need to find the facts on your own instead of jumping to conclusions about stuff you know nothing about.


I applaud Mrs. Duggar! Not many women have the patience to raise this many children so selflessly! I find it funny that most the people on here who are saying how crazy it is and how the kids will be messed up, are MEN!! Instead of being so ignorant about how the Duggars are raising their wonderful children, you people need to read facts about homeschooling, religion and siblings! I have two kids, My oldest is homeschooled as will be her sister! She is 8yrs old and in the third grade! Unlike some moron on here stated, she and other homeschooled children DO have to take standardized tests every year! This is done to make sure her education meets MINIMUM standards. My child tests on a 5th grade level for Math and Science. Her reading and language skills are in the 7th grade range! She does more work in a year than most kids in a public school that only go to school from Sept-May. My kid goes all year round!

You morons need to grow up and realize that just because YOU don't want to have/can't handle that many kids doesn't mean anyone else shouldn't or that they can't raise that many kids!


Its not wether or IF THEY can raise them, ITS if they SHOULD even of had them in the first place. The earth has limited space and resources, how selfess of her to have so many resources gobbeling American children.

maria schmidt

I think this is disgusting to keep having children like this, and then to expect help from your community to help with housing them. I think Michelle Duggar is in love with being pregnant and the attention you receive, but that's it!

eye roller

this behavior is the height of selfishness. just because you're not in debt doesn't mean you're entitled to exploit the privileges of american excess. some day all of these kids will be old and we'll be paying to keep them alive. not to mention the implications of the 256 grandchildren and countless generations bound to follow...

and having a big family is not some favor to god. he's got enough people to look out for and he's already way behind.

these kids will grow up and hate their parents for limiting their childhood experiences to church and chores. they need to stop kidding themselves and while they're at it, cut that goddamn awful hair.

::blows up the south::


I fully agree with the negative comments on this site. The Duggars are close-minded and ignorant of the world around them. Maybe it sounds like a cliche, but the truth is, there are children by the millions around the world who need homes. And to those unfortunate children, the Duggars are spitting in their faces. For a family to skip adoption and deliberately reproduce because "they love children" is one of the cruelest sins I can imagine. God have mercy on their souls.


^True that. I mean 10 people are born every second or something like that in the world(?)

I mean if these Duggards "love" children, then why don't they adopted a starving child, that is probibly a greater deed in Gods eyes. And it doesn't add another mouth to the world


I love children, and I think they ARE a gift from God, but I find it very hard to believe that each of those babies are given time to be babies, and that they are able to be individually cared for and stuff and honestly... as an oldest of 8 children who has had a LOT of responsibility for the younger children I can assure you that unless this family has hired nannies, which i doubt, the older kids are raising the younger ones and not getting a lot of schooling or are TOTALLY stressed out.


To Matt and Sheila: since you're both so concerned about the millions of starving children around the world, might I ask how many you've taken into your own home?

I applaud the Duggards and I think they are doing a better job raising their 16 children than most parents do raising only 2 or 3. They can have as many children as they please, and those who say they "shouldn't" are ignorant because who are they to decide how many children one "should" or "shouldn't" have?


"You morons need to grow up"
and you homeschool? ACK!!!

" and realize that just because YOU don't want to have/can't handle that many kids doesn't mean anyone else shouldn't or that they can't raise that many kids!"

She has children -- not GOATS.

Once again, and you homeschool? You should be ashamed of yourself.


Sixteen (16)..What in the world is going on? Health wise, is it safe to have that many children? She has been pregnant everyday of her adult life, which has totake a toll on the body.


I find it amusing that some of you are so offended by this family's decision to have 16 children. If they really feel that God has called them to do this, then who am I to say that He hasn't? All religion aside, though, 16 IS an extreme amount of kids!

I was homeschooled K-12 and am the oldest of seven children (the younger ones are ages 5 weeks to 13). I work at a law firm full-time and I have a strong GPA as a junior in college (part-time). So the homeschooling-bashing really should stop; no, it's not for everyone, but it's NOT not for anyone either. I quite enjoyed it and I believe it has served me well.

I grew up taking care of little kids and having a lot of responsibility, much more than I should have had. Since I am so much older than my siblings, my parents have realized the effects of this and have changed dramatically with how they are raising the younger ones. While some of my younger siblings are hot-headed (preteens...you gotta love 'em), and they do have their fights, my family's home is, overall, a pleasant environment. I was raised to be an independent thinker, to have my own thoughts and opinions. I have a good life; I work hard, do well in school and am financially independent. No, I didn't get as much attention as I would have liked from my parents growing up, as they had so many other kids to take care of. But overall, I have few regrets about how I was raised. I have a good relationship with both my mom and my step-dad, and the rest of the "clan."

Therefore, due to my own personal experience, I must assume that there is a possibility that the Duggar family is happy and enjoys their life, and without knowing them personally, I cannot espouse too strong an opinion in any direction.


Its not your problem. Who cares.

If you don't like home schooling then send your kids to a private/public school. You worry about the tax burden? They’re helping by not sending the whole lot of them to a public school. So long as they don't end up asking for assistance they can have 100 kids for all I care.

Should they adopt? That is their decision. If you think they should be and your worried about all those kids, pick up a few, I don't think the world will run out.

For the people that are worried about her health and being pregnant pick a cause, any cause. Tobacco, alcohol, guns, illegal drugs or child pornography. A woman popping out kids and taking care of them should hardly be a concern for you.

So what if the kids grow up not entirely right, if you ask me the parents aren't sane either. I wouldn't do what they are for all the tea in China but why is my idea of what is right anymore important than what they think?

Until they show up on your door asking for help, selling magazines in your neighborhood or in jail, WHO CARES! Did they ask you to build their new home? Did they ask you for diapers or food? From everything I have read they have been self-sustaining. If morons in the community want to donate that is their issue, not yours.

There are people who drop a welfare check in a slot machine twenty minutes after they get it. People sell their children’s food stamps for alcohol, countless runaways, drug houses, illegal immigrants and countless other things in your backyard and yet you find time to bash a family for actually raising a family. I don’t agree with it but if I am going to find a cause to jump on, this won’t be it.


I agree with John. I would not want to have that many children, and I am concerned with overpopulation, but they do seem to be doing a much better job of raising their kids than many parents with only a couple kids do. And, there are so many other things in life that are worth getting upset about or concerned about like terrorists, drugs, crime, etc. Many of these people must have a whole lot of time on their hands to get so worked up over this family's size. Also, I'm curious. How many children have some of these other people adopted?

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