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August 17, 2004

Seth Godin Asks: What Did You Do?

Sometimes you need someone to give you a swift kick in the rear in order to better understand what you are blessed with in today's world. My Uncle Duke used to tell me, "Ty, if you don't get a move-on, I am going to throw my shoe at you...with my foot in it".

Here's a nice wake up from Seth's Blog:

Here's a question that you should clip out and tape to your bathroom mirror. It might save you some angst 15 years from now. The question is, What did you do back when interest rates were at their lowest in 50 years, crime was close to zero, great employees were looking for good jobs, computers made product development and marketing easier than ever, and there was almost no competition for good news about great ideas?

Keep your shoe on, Uncle Duke, I'm movin'.

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Great advice from Seth and your uncle.
I don't know how the average wage earner can resist the following:
Start a business selling a product everyone uses with the easy potential of making a whopping 50% profit.
Show those who don't wish to be customers how to do the same thing and offer them free training. Tell them start up is $39.00 which buys them 2 websites, $50. worth of products to try, informational tapes, product and opportunity brochures, and a business compendium. Lastly, tell them that by sharing the business with other non-customers they can generate referral bonuses.

Simple is always better.

Dave S

I think we could all use an Uncle Duke in our lives. Opportunity is something we must cultivate through whatever situation we currently find ourselves. Wisdom is the ability to realize that these moments are fleeting and require a disciplined response to seize them. Your uncle obviously realizes both are in short supply if not acted upon. Thanks for the great post.

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