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June 23, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr. Back In Seattle

It was pretty neat seeing Ken Griffey Jr. back in Seattle. I for one, would love to see Jr. come back to the Mariners and end his career playing DH. You can sign the petition at www.bringgriffeyback.com if you feel the same way.

and a bonus from 1995. I was sitting in center field for this game in the Kingdome and I thought that the bleachers were going to come down. People were jumping up and down and I have never heard a louder place in my life.

To finish up, I will tell you about my one chance meeting with Ken Griffey Jr.  I was at the Southcenter Mall, Victoria's Secret browsing at boxer shorts while waiting for my wife and who is also in the boxer shorts section...Ken Griffey Jr.  I asked him for his autograph on the back of an ATM receipt and he gave it to me, but first he pretended to sign it Mike Tyson.  It was classic and I will never forget it.

Help spread the word, Digg this story and visit BringGriffeyBack.com.

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Great News!!! We, at www.bringgriffeyback.com, have far surpassed our goal of 1,000 posts. We are going to the home plate entrance of Safeco Field this Thursday at 9:30 AM to hand of the signatures, and we'd love you to be there to capture this important fan effort. Thanks and keep posting!!!


count me in, I'm an hour north of Seattle, but try to get to as many games as we can.. Where do i sign?!!!

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Where do I sign up??? Come on, are you telling me it's really that easy to work from home? If all this is legit, we're soon going to have a glut of at-home labor which is going to mean the piece work won't be worth anything. That's just the law of supply and demand.

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