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June 14, 2007

Refreshing Take on Women and the Corporate Ladder

Penelopetrunk I just found Penelope Trunk, who describes herself as, author, columnist, former executive and serial entrepreneur.  She has a great blog and I plan on reading her book in the near future. Penelope linked to the Work at Home Dad blog a while back, but I just noticed the link.

Sorry lads, I think Penelope is married, but if she is not married, send flowers now. Heck, send her flowers even if she is married, just sign them, "Your Loving Hubby". That's gotta be good karma.

The post I found at Penelope's blog was outstanding. Here is a snip:

I hate to dis Catalyst because they have provided great research to support women in the work place. But here’s a bit from their most recent study: “Most large U.S. companies have made scant progress in advancing women…to leadership and top-paying positions over the past decade.”


It’s clear at this point that women are basically stuck on their climb up the corporate ladder. In general, climbing the corporate ladder to the top requires giving up your personal life in order to serve the corporation. And research has shown that if women are willing to give up having kids, (or at least have a stay-at-home husband,) they can climb as well as men.

But really, why fight to get more women up a ladder that is basically dysfunctional? We should, instead, focus on helping men to get off the ladder. And then helping both men and women to get meaningful and rewarding work both outside and inside the home.

The bold part of the snip is where I come in.  My job is to help men (and women) kill their jobs so that they can work from home and live a happier life. I subscribed to Penelope's blog and I suggest you hurry on over and do the same.

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