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June 22, 2007

School's Out For Summer

Closedforsummer_color Thanks to a couple of delays because of snow and power outages, school finally let out for my 2 kids today.  After the closing ceremony, my daughter went to a Bar-B-Q with some friends so my wife and I took out soon out for lunch. After lunch, we all came back home and I went back to my office to get some work done. As I was trying to come up with some words to finish off an article I was writing, my son decided it was a good time to stand at the door of my office and babble.

I gently reminded him that I had to work and he zipped it for about 10 seconds and then went right back to the babbling. I mean serious babbling, like part singing and part gibberish. After the 3rd reminder, I realized that today is a special day and the adrenaline levels are running pretty high because of the excitement of the last day of school.  I almost went into my loud Dad voice that reminds the kids about food on the table and just because Dad works at home, doesn't mean it's all fun and games, etc., but I held back,  The last day of school is special and I can remember many of my last day of the school year days, so I let the boy babble.


Now that I think about it, my kids are actually less distracting than some of the people I worked with while I was in corporate life.

In fact, many times I was required to listen to babbling that made about as much sense as my son today.

I suspect that the next time he starts babbling, I'll listen with a different perspective and consider the fact that it could be a lot worse.

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Haha the babbling sounds familiar

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