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June 19, 2007

Set Small Work At Home Goals

Are you ready to kill your job and start earning your income from home?

If so, I am looking for a student to apply what I have learned over the last 15 years in the home based business industry.  If you are interested, contact me through TyTribble.com. No shy people allowed to apply. I will be using you as a case study.

On with today's tip on setting small goals.

The first goal I want you to set is to earn an average of $10 a day online. $10 may not seem like a lot, but it is over $300 in extra income a month. Remember, you are no longer on a 20 day work/pay cycle. 

You can now get paid 30 days a month!

I think that an ongoing stream of $10 a day can be made by applying 15 to 30 one hour days. That's 15 to 30 hours or consistent work. We'll call these hours "Kill Your Job" hours. Most businesses take some money to start but our goal will be to have you in the black at the end of the 15 to 30 day push.

If you are wondering, I have a specific outline for anyone that would like to do this and while I am looking for a couple of people to do the case study, I am willing to share the plan with others in addition to the case study folks.

My goal is to kill jobs and bring Dads home. If you want to kill your job, contact me at me web site: TyTribble.com

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