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January 15, 2008

Work At Home Dad/Stay At Home Dad

I am sick and tired of being lumped into the baby changin' , play date arrangin', bottle washin',  Stay At Home Dad category. I am a WORK At Home Dad...meaning a I create a significant income from home.  As a matter of fact, my income is large enough to offer my wife the option of working outside of the home or not. She chooses not. (Although that is not 100% true because she is always volunteering at our children's school).

I seem to remember writing about my wife being a Stay At Home Mom, yet she is never home during the day.

But I digress.  Here is the deal. If a mother is the money earner and the father is staying home with the children, I don't really have a problem with it, but it would be nice if Daddy-O would start a business that would enable his wife to quit her job so that she can enjoy the beauty and fun of raising her children.

Don't you think that two parents at home raising their children is better than 1 (or none)?

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To Work at home Dad.
I am in a similar boat as yourself. Both myself and my wife are at home. I have a business outside the home which can support the family and pay a manager to run it.
I define myself as a stay at home Dad but not in the traditional sense where Mum goes out to work, so in reality I am not the primary homemaker.
Its great to be with the kids and have the time with them at this stage as they are aged 2 to 7 but my gripe or problem is that all my male peers and male friends are working "normal" hours in "normal" jobs and so I have very little male adult company during the week and even at weekends when the other Dads are with their own families.
Any ideas on a solution

Larry Rivera

Both me and my wife share the responsibility of raising our children together. So I think having both parents around is better

Steve Tylock


I work from home instead of renting an office, don't bring clients here, and do spend time away - but this is my office.

And I love it.

I'd suggest that "Work At Home" designates someone that conducts work that earns an income while at home. "Stay At Home" or "Homemaker" indicates not earning an income... (not that taking care of a home and children is not important - I try to make sure I'm pulling my fair share - just not during the "work-day"-) ((no kids needing care they're off in school))


Business Opportunities Guru

I am a work at home dad and my wife is a homemaker. So in our situation, it is just understood that even though I work at home, we pretend like I am away at my office during the day. She handles everything just as she did when I was going to work, and in the evening when I am done working, we have family time and play with the kids. There has to be some boundaries for your time if you are going to work from home successfully,which means you need to treat it like any other job. However, I think it is beneficial for the kids to have both parents around during the day, especially while they are young.


I am grateful enough to be a work at home dad and my wife is a work at home mom. We both own seperate businesses and are able to set our own schedules. But I must say sometimes it seems a little harder working for yourself than for someone else. I wish I could just work 9-5 sometimes and come home and forget about everything.


Being stuck in the traffic early morning and late afternoon, it do not sound that attractive to me. When you are making good income by working from home tho only thing that i need to handle is the loneliness and interaction directly with people. However that is 10 times better than being just another car stacked in the car jams day after day..

Dunn S

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