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February 28, 2008

What Are You Doing Here?

I have played around with this blog for long enough.  It's about time this blog began to reach it's full potential.

As I typed that last statement, I wonder how many people asked themselves a set of similar questions...

When was the last time you felt like you achieved your full potential?

When was the last time you feel like you gave your best to something?

Those are serious questions. I challenge you to take some time and answer them.

If becoming a Work At Home Dad (or Mom) is part of reaching your full potential, we need to talk.

My partner and I are willing to teach, coach and mentor a small group of Dad's towards home business success. If you would like to be part of this group, send me an email at: ty (at) tribble.org and we can schedule an interview. By the way, your coaches are both 6 figure Work At Home Dad's who have been featured in numerous magazines and books, including Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Marketing Sales Promotion by Chet Holmes

The carpet cleaner client of mine sent me recordings of some of their salespeople talking to customers. I’m listening to this salesperson talk to a 78-year-old woman who uses a walker to get around. She’s calling to have her rug cleaned. They set up the
appointment for the rug to be picked up and taken back to their plant for a thorough cleaning. Wall-to-wall has to be cleaned in the home. For rugs, they can take them out of the home and really get them cleaned in
their plant, where they have a giant
washing-machine-like structure to completely submerge, clean and expertly dry your rug. So I’m listening to the conversation with the elderly woman and it goes like this:

Woman: Well what about the pad under the rug? It’s kind of dirty, too.

Salesperson: How old is the pad?

Woman: It’s about 15 years old.

Salesperson: Oh, that’s too old. If we tried to clean it, we’d obliterate it.

Woman: Well I guess I’ll have to go get a new pad.

Salesperson: Oh yeah. You’re definitely going to have to replace that.

Since I’m the consultant and I know how expensive it is to get new clients, I think, “They should sell pads. Heck, they’ve got the rug right there in the plant. They can put the rug on the padding, cut it out, roll it up and send it right back with the rug. It’s a great up-sell.”

So I get the owner on the phone: “I have a great idea for you. You should sell pads.” He says, “We do.” I tell him, “No you don’t, actually” and I play him the recording. The owner brings the salesperson in and
asks her why she didn’t offer to sell this old woman a pad. The salesperson says, “I didn’t want to seem too pushy.”

This carpet cleaning company actually had six excellent up-sell options. The problem was getting the salespeople to offer them. In addition to carpets, they can clean your couch or your bed. The same technology of using really hot steam to clean your
carpet applies to the furniture you sit on (or your dog sits on) all day. Studies show that the average living room has five million dust mites in it. Our bodies are equipped to deal with those mites, but it’s
their feces and the bacteria that feed on it that can cause bacterial infection. (As you can see here, and will learn in depth in the next chapter, market data can be very motivational.) Steaming that bed or couch
kills germs.

We gathered all of the salespeople in a workshop and asked them, “What would you say is the best method for offering every client every service every time? One of the salespeople suggested we put the six
services they offer right on the order form. As they’re talking to the client, they would be able to check off all six things on the order form to show they offered them. This was a great suggestion so we decided to test it and implement it as a procedure for
the company. We followed ten simple steps and, after several months of pigheaded discipline and hard work, we had it so that every salesperson offered every service to every customer every time.

Chet Holmes has worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies as America’s top marketing executive, trainer, and strategic consultant. Chet is the author of the best selling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine
(#1 business book on Amazon, #1 Sales and Marketing book on Amazon, and also on NY Times best seller list). Chet has identified and developed the 12 core competencies that are proven to provide the main structure of truly great companies and he has developed more than fifty proprietary methods to
implement them. To learn more about how to double the sales of your company, go to www.howtodoublesales.com

Damien Cabral

I think home based businesses are going to be the wave of the future. This type of business let’s you work on your own terms, your hours and your location. It also opens you up to the tax advantages of the rich. You can write off your materials you use, promotional items, rent, mileage, and even going out to eat.
I live in Rhode Island and work for a company Xango. We sell a health and wellness product that is in juice form. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and cox2 inhibitor (decreases pain) as well as antioxidant. The company that we work for is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Please email me at Damien.Cabral@XangoRI.com or give me a call @ 401-464-2232 if you are interested in further information. More information can also be found at http://www.XangoRI.com

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